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How Fitness Fair entrance is shaping the healthy living and wellness industry

Understanding the critical role wellness play in the overall healthy living and national productivity can never be overemphasized considering the nexus between productivity and wellness. Accordingly, regular exercise and healthy dieting contribute to improve wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. This is because committing to a healthy diet can be considered as one of the smartest decisions to be taken, as eating well do not only contribute to making us look and feel better, it can also save both individuals and corporate some on future health costs.  

A January 30, 2018 publication onOne Way to Improve Productivity: Focus on Wellness”

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by TalentCulture quoted a survey by CDC Foundation saying, “workplace illnesses, injuries, absenteeism and sick employees at work cost U.S. employers billions of dollars each year, averaging out to more than $1,600 per employee. 

However, the survey suggested that focusing on health and well-being can turn that around. According to the survey, “Employees at one company who took part in a free, voluntary wellness program saw their health improve and improved productivity by 10 percent — 11 percent among those with medical conditions. Most notably, already healthy workers whose health did not improve still boosted productivity by 6 percent.

“The beauty is that exercise strengthens not only your muscles but your heart to pump strong and push blood with less beats and your lungs to breathe deeply and supply oxygen better as well as detoxify more efficiently. When you understand choosing life and choosing nutrition, you will be able to eat more of those natural foods and begin to reach for the things that you should eat,” said Uganze Eke, the chief fitness officer/ chief consultant of Fitness Fair, a wellness and lifestyle company.

According to Eke, imbalance in the body composition is the cause of various diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. However, regular monitoring of body fat deposits and muscle mass empowers the body to understand how strong or weak the body system is.

She stated that a good lifestyle equates work-life balance, beneficial recreation, strong mental resilience and Sleep. “We encourage you to eat healthy foods not diet, exercise by having fun and be empowered by taking charge of your medical conditions head on not in fear or ignorance,” said Eke.

According to the CDC Foundation survey, Leaders may downplay personal wellness because they feel they need to be working all the time. “We know we need to have a little more balance in our lives, but it’s all about connecting productivity to the bottom line. Leadership has to be convinced of that. It’s hard to deny that personal well-being and having a team that feels good is not better for the organization.”

 Change happens slowly, so start by scheduling time for yourself on your calendar. Think about what it means to you to be physically healthy, as well as what it means to have high energy in your life and how you might work on feeling more calm. If you work for a change-averse organization, taking this time may be a bigger challenge, but it is important if you want to reap the benefits.

 Speaking on other packages offered by Fitness Fair, Eke said several special packages have been put together for its round the clock, on the move corporate individuals. She opined that the package is set to improve staff productivity, work attendance, reduction in healthcare cost, improve staff morale and increase employee’s satisfaction and more.

Fitness Fair provides healthy food and salad options designed to support busy lifestyles while helping individuals’ maintaining health goals. Membership at the company’s wellness club offers the opportunity to receive free health education and support. “Let your body heal with needed vitamins and nutrients supplied by our organic freshly made foods daily,” said Eke stating that Fitness Fair aims to take the message of preventive health maintenance and disease prevention to the grassroots.

 “Our corporate social project is to raise a healthier generation focusing on children by reducing childhood obesity and empowering kids to develop life-long healthy habits. Our goal is to bring you calorie measured health-in-a-bowl,” she stated assuring that Fitness Fair’s delicious pre-packed fresh salad meals are available in-store, for pick up or delivery within specified areas.

Eke started her working experience as a Pharmacist in one of the leading oil and gas corporate firms in Nigeria by helping people pay attention to their health. “But I couldn’t help but observe that younger and younger people were coming down with non-communicable diseases that they had no business having at their ages. I have always been interested in lifestyle change and tried my best at the time to live that way with my family so I always shared my positive experiences with others in my cubicle,” she stated.

Speaking on the importance of healthy living, Eke said “The Body – is what it has been created to be. It knows what foods are good for it, what cleans it, what builds it to strength or damages it but most of all it knows how to heal itself. The body has been wired form past environment, ancestry and available foods of long ago. What we tolerate is usually wired in our genes already. 

“Unfortunately, modern medicine tends to treat the body in compartments without finding out and dealing with what is actually wrong. Because the body does not want to die, it usually starts to give you signs long before it actually starts dying. And the process of living or dying is interestingly a daily choice,” said Eke.

That choice has to do with the fact that we cannot cheat nature, because the key health choices made by individuals or corporations are interlinked and work in the body holistically. They form the four pillars of the ‘Choose life Wellness Platform’ introduced by Fitness Fair.

So, how does Fitness Fair connect the dots to Wellness?

This is the company’s mission, that is, to empower every single person with the knowledge and opportunity to live the best lives possible. Fitness Fair exists for positive health and corporate wellness. “It’s our passion and Lifeblood. Recognizing that there is no one size fits all for any organization so we work with you to create programs that suit you and your team,” said Eke.

According to her, Fitness Fair work to bridge the trust gap; fill the gap; provide wellness analytics with verifiable reports and equally help to track and motivate. “We have been conducting On-Site Wellness Assessments to do just that and many thank us for opening their eyes and its working but then we realized a gap existed which needed to be bridged,” she concludes.

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