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Apapa motorists fume at clearance of gridlock for Buhari

Embattled residents and motorists in the Port area of Apapa in Lagos are lashing out against federal and state government agencies over how they managed to clear the roads and bridges there just so that visiting president Muhammadu Buhari will not engage with the usual traffic mayhem that has engulfed the once industrial hub of Nigeria over the last 12 years.

Before night fell yesterday, all the oil ankers and trailers were cleared from all roads and bridges leading to the port area and the residents and motorists who would normally face the grinding traffic gridlock now are wondering why government looked the other way until the president’s visit.

“See how all the traffic chaos has been cleared just so the president will now see it”, said a resident in Apapa who will normally spend more than five hours daily in traffic.

“If all this can be done because of one man, there is no more excuse for letting the traffic logjam to return”, said one female motorist.

A chat platform for motorists and residents in Apapa is alive with bitter comments, with one of them saying, “now that president Buhari is in Lagos, all of a sudden the law enforcement agents know how to do their work excellently well and have cleared the chaotic traffic on the port access roads.”

Another resident liken what is happening in Apapa to a banana republic, saying “it is a very sorry state of affairs.”

One other bitter resident said, “I am grateful now that they have cleared the gridlock because with this all of the misrepresentation and erroneous statements about how difficult the Apapa traffic problem is to solve, has now been exposed.”

In a recent global survey, Lagos Nigeria’s commercial capital was ranked in the position of 139 our of 140 most liveable city in the world and worst in Africa.

According to the survey, Lagos is only next to for torn Damascus in Syria as the worst city to live in the world today.

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