I almost went on exile – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed gratitude for improved rainy season for two conservative years which has resulted in good harvest, confessing that he would have gone on exile if it was the other way round.


The President spoke when he received the National Council of Traditional Rulers (NCTR) led by the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, in the Aso Presidential Villa Abuja.


The President stated that if this year’s harvest was not good he was considering which country to run to.


“We know our limitations we have to continue to strengthen our constitution, to strengthen the resolve of our people to live together, work together.


“We are lucky this year that last year and this year the rainy season is good. If it were not good I must confide in you that I was considering which country to run to. But God answered the prayers of many Nigerians the rainy season last year was good and this year with the report I’m getting is good. We thank God for that otherwise there would have been a lot of problems in this country.”


The President noted that the mismanagement of national resources over years  was responsible for the current economic woes currently bedeviling the country.


He said that he will continue to pursue Programmes and projects that will better the lives of Nigerians in all spheres of live.


Buhari stated that Nigeria should be able to use its population strength of being the biggest black nation in the world to its advantage.


On the general security situation in the country, the President said all hands are on deck to completely secure Nigeria so as to develop it further.


Earlier, the Sultan of Sokoto, while thanking God for bringing the President back in sound health, urged him to tightened his belt and take on the mantle of leadership.


He said with a monarch from each for-political zone assuring Buhari of their support, he should take the comments as honest and the tonic he needs to work hard for the nation.


He said, “We will continue to preach peace and stability, justice, transparency and accountability and anti corruption.”


Speaking for the South West, the  Oni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunnusi,  joined his colleagues in thanking God for the same return of Buhari and for restoring his health.


“From south west we thank God for your life and we pledged  to support you from our communities because we are closer to our people. We will continue to preach to our people that we should continue to foster peace in our country, we will continue to caution our youths against  hate speeches. We cannot leave the development of the country all to the government but we have to work hand in hand. We assure you that we support all your initiatives.”


Speaking for the North West, the  Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, said the traditional rulers identify with Buhari’s commitment for national security.


Speaking for the South South Jaja of Opobo, “we expressed our commitment to your Programmes.


“We know there is tension here and there but as traditional rulers we don’t eat politics. The economy has to be fixed. Coming from the region that produces the main stay of the economy, even though the country will soon diversify the economy, before we diversify let’s protect the one that we still have. We are pleased to work for peace and stability of the region so that we can all see the benefits of the commodity.”


North Central Gbom Gwom Jos, Jacob Buba Gyang, also thanked God for  bringing the president back to celebrate SALLAU with fellow Nigerians.


According to him, “The issues of health and security are not issues to play Politics but issues we should put heads together so that the country can progress.


“We commend your efforts on security and agriculture.


“Few days ago just when we thought peace had returned to the plateau up, it was truncated with the attack on Ancha village in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, leading to 20 deaths.”


He commended the Buhari for ordering the security agencies to fish out those responsible for the attacks and the reasons for the attack.”


Speaking for the South  East, Chairman of South East Traditional Council, Eberechi Dike,  said, “Our hearts is full of joy that you are back. You shook our hands when you came in and that shows you believe in one Nigeria. We prayed for you and you are back. We prayed for you because your agenda for Nigeria is good.


“As your children when we cry it is for you to ask us to stop crying that you will fix whatever is making us cry like the bad roads.”


Speaking for North East, the Lamido Adamawa, said Nigerians are happy to have the president back to the country hale and hearty. “God brought you back to Nigeria and we are all very happy. We will continue to pray for God to strengthen you more and give you the courage to continue to do more for the country.”