• Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Airbus, Bombardier airliner deal now operational

Europe-based major global airliner manufacturer, Airbus, has announced that its deal with Canadian aerospace company, Bombardier, which is part of the wider Bombardier group to take a majority share in the latter’s C Series airliner programme had come into effect. The C Series comprises two models, namely the CS100 and the larger CS300.

The new joint venture is designated the C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP). The Airbus holding is 50.01 percent, while Bombardier retains some 34 percent and Investment Québec, about 16 percent.

The CS100 can carry a maximum of 132 passengers, although 120 would be more usual. The CS300 can carry a maximum of 160 passengers, although, again, the more typical layout would be for 130 to 140 passengers. The range of the CS100 is 5 741 km, while that of the CS300 is 6 112 km.

“Airbus’ global reach and scale combine with Bombardier’s state-of-the-art jet aircraft in the C Series,” noted Airbus on its website. “Airbus manufactures, markets and supports C Series under the aegis of the Airbus-Bombardier partnership, These airplanes fill an important niche – covering the segment that typically accommodates 100-150 seats – and responding to a worldwide aviation market for smaller single-aisle jetliners estimated at some 6,000 such aircraft over the next 20 years.”

The partnership between Airbus and Bombardier regarding the C-Series was announced in October 2017. As part of the deal, CSALP’s head office, primary assembly facility and related activities will stay in Canada’s Quebec province, in the city of Mirabel. Airbus is establishing an additional C Series production line at its already existing assembly plant in the US state of Alabama.

Bombardier Aerospace retains full control over its other manufacturing and associated operations. These include executive aircraft made up of Bombardier Business Jets, with the Learjet, Challenger and Global brands.

Others are smaller regional jet and turboprop airliners  in the line of bombardier commercial aircraft with the CRJ jet family and the Q400 turboprop; aerostructures, system components electrical harnesses, tubing and ducting, and engineering services including  the conversion of its executive or regional airliner airframes into special mission aircraft for public safety and national defence roles