Hyride introduces new security, earning features

Hyride, a part of the TopMode technology brand, which provides ride-hailing transportation services, has added new features, a new incentive component as well as panic buttons to its ride-hailing services.

By using the platform, drivers can earn more money, and riders can get points/cashback that can be used on their next rides, as a result of the new incentive component, the company has said.

Edward Anugwom, TopMode Technology’s chairman and managing director, stated that the company provides incentives to its drivers to keep them motivated.

“We have daily, weekly, monthly motivations. When riders pay with their debit cards for trips, they get a Cashback for that very ride. A certain percentage will be returned to their wallet and they can use it to make payment for their next trip,” he said.

Hyride, according to Anugwom, was developed to address ride-hailing issues while simultaneously having a positive influence on society in terms of job creation and involvement with the digital economy, such as cashless transactions.

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“Hyride was founded as a startup that aimed to tackle ride-hailing problems in Nigeria by creating safety, lowest commission to driver and accessibility for passengers in using ride-hailing services through the Hyride platform,” he said.

In addition to the incentive, panic buttons are included in the app, which is connected to the company’s control room as well as users’ trusted friends, and this, the company says is on account of its priority on driver and rider protection.

When the panic buttons are pressed, last known location is transmitted, ensuring everyone’s safety.

“We chose to provide a technology that would enable the driver and riders to prioritize their safety and security, with very strict criteria used to profile both the drivers and the riders, because of the challenges of insecurity,” said Anugwom.

Hyride is operational in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Calabar, with plans to extend to Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Imo and Delta states.