• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Veloster faces recall over sunroof problems


Hyundai recently expanded its recall for its Veloster brand because of the problems with the optional panoramic roofs which might shatter while the vehicle is in motion. After the original recall was announced back in December and included a total of 13,500 units of the Veloster because of the optional panoramic roof which might have shattered while the cars were in motion, the recall has been recently expanded.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a total of 6,071 units of the 2012 model year Veloster units are affected by the same problem and their owners will have to take a trip back to the dealers.

The affected vehicles have been produced between July 4, 2011, and October 31, 2011, while the previous recalled units were made between November 1, 2011, and April 17, 2012. The sunroofs in the affected cars may be fitted inadvertently and this can cause them to brake while the vehicle is in motion. The second recall involving the Veloster’s sunroof will begin in March.

However a source inside the Hyundai local dealership located in Lagos while responding to BusinessDay SMS which reads: “Veloster is facing recall on the international market due to problems with the panoramic roof, what is the position with your stock in Nigeria?” said, “We do not have any issues with the models brought to Nigeria. We also do not have any stock available with us currently. We brought only few units like 20 and all are sold off. We don’t have vehicles with panoramic roof in Veloster.”