• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Subaru recalls 47,000 self-starting vehicles


In what is probably the strangest recall so far this year, Subaru is recalling about 47,000 vehicles with remote starters because the cars could start themselves.

What this means is that for vehicles parked in garages, this could pose a significant problem, as it could lead to carbon-monoxide poisoning. The models included in the recall are the 2010-2012 Legacy sedan and Outback wagon, the 2012 Impreza and 2013 Crosstrek. All these models are fitted with continuously variable automatic transmission, according to a report Subaru filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States of America.

The problem appears on vehicles equipped with an optional remote engine starter produced by Audiovox, which allows the vehicle to be started by pushing a button, without the driver being in the vehicle.

According to Subaru, if the key fob were dropped, it could be damaged and might later start the vehicle without the starter button being pushed. If that occurs when the vehicle is parked in an enclosed area, such as a garage, there is a risk of carbon monoxide build-up, which may pose a safety hazard.

To prevent their cars from starting themselves until they are taken to dealers, owners can switch to the keyless entry fobs integrated into the vehicle key that came with the new car, as these are not affected.