• Monday, December 04, 2023
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ElizadeAuto-Land acquires JAC franchise


A new chapter was opened in the history of Nigeria’s automobile dealership last week in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital and heartbeat of automotive business following the marriage of convenience between one of the leading Chinese automakers and ElizadeAuto-Land, the new franchisees of JAC range of trucks and passenger cars. The press launch witnessed the handing over ceremony of the vehicles to participating companies for a test run.

The occasion was described by Demola Ade-Ojo, managing director, Elizade Nigeria Limited (ENL), as a pivotal stage in the development of the company as in Nigerian auto industry. He said that in a bid to provide more vehicular options to customers, ENL have taken the initiative to provide more cost effective solutions to their auto needs.

It was against this trust and confidence that, alternative brands of vehicles would be introduced into the local market under a new division that would be called ElizadeAuto-Land purposefully set up or this reason. The outlet would offer a range of cost effective but quality vehicles to our customers and Nigerians as a whole particularly in the A and B passenger car segment as well as lower priced trucks and buses.

A wide range of vehicles he disclosed would be available for purchase at ElizadeAuto-Land and these vehicles would also have access to top range after-sales service coupled with excellent spare parts availability which has become a signature for Elizade.

The pioneer range of vehicles that would be available is the JAC range of light duty trucks and passenger cars from China. According to him “We reached out to popular automobile manufacturers, JAC from China as their range of cars and trucks have been around for a while. They specialise in light duty trucks and passenger cars and are one of China’s leading manufacturers offering a full range vehicle model line up.”

JAC is also China’s number one exporter of vehicles, exporting trucks and vehicles to over 130 countries in the world. They are ranked in the top 10 companies in the Chinese auto industry. JAC also offers a range of other vehicles including heavy duty trucks, vans, small and medium sized buses and luxurious coaches. The JAC vehicles are a quality pocket friendly alternative to other vehicles currently in the Nigerian auto market.

As a prelude to the official launching of JAC vehicles in Nigeria, Elizade Nigeria Limited has decided to import 18 vehicles into the country for test purposes comprising of 8 light duty trucks and 10 passenger cars. Before the cars and trucks are introduced officially, the fleet would be taken through a 4 months or 20,000 kilometre road test on the Nigerian roads.

With this test, the JAC team of engineers would ensure that their vehicles would function properly and meet local customers’ expectations. Demola Ade-Ojo revealed that a similar test was carried out in Brazil and the results were nothing short of amazing. This local franchisee will need to ensure, not just the quality of the vehicles but their durability in the Nigerian clime.

The vehicles were given to several partner companies present at the ceremony that would use these vehicles thoroughly. Under this arrangement, Elizade will closely monitor the usage of these vehicles from the beginning of the test till its completion. JAC engineers will also be available throughout the test period to monitor vehicle performance and give technical advice and feedback as regards the usage of these vehicles to their technical department in China for further improvement of their products.

He re-emphasised the Elizade promise of delivering superior quality cars to Nigerians everywhere. “We would continue to ensure that Elizade Nigeria Limited remains your auto dealer of choice, the company that is recognised, respected and trusted to always deliver.

“Due to the demands of our loyal customers, we have focused on building our expertise to world class standards, while proffering innovative lasting solutions to their auto needs. Our customers are topmost in our minds hence our drive is to provide customer friendly services to our loyal customers,” The Managing Director concluded.