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Xerox introduces cutting edge printing technology in Nigeria

In a bid to increase productivity and speed up the pace of digital printing, Xerox Corporation has introduced and launched two new family of products: the Xerox iridesse Production Press and Xerox PrimeLunk 9065/70 into the Nigerian market.

Speaking to journalists at the press conference held at the Company’s premises in Lagos, Femi Abidoye, general manager, sales and marketing, Xerox, said both products were introduced into the country to curb the challenge of undue process and delay associated with long printing presses.

“The products were introduced to simplify and ease the process of both mono and full colour digital printing especially in offices that have colour sensitive environments,” he said.

Abidoye further emphasized that both products, come with extra features of scanning, printing and copying capabilities with high degree of environmental friendliness and have been built to use special a toner that greatly reduces wastage. The toner is also designed to ensure that output from the machines are consistently of high quality, right from installation till the last crystal of toner is used.

Explaining the features of Xerox Iridesse production press, Olufemi Okunade, managing director, Xerox, said that it is one that offers six-colour printing in a single pass with both metallic and white toners.

“It is the most automated and productive digital press in the market today. That single pass is really important when it comes to productivity,” he said.

Also speaking, Chris Lynch, the company’s director, production and system support group for Middle East and Africa, emphasized that the product is able to handle high volume production and complex jobs.

“Apart from the high end printing technology, Xerox connect key technology is the best thing that ever happened in the ICT global arena, that makes printing available to users at lightning speed,” Lynch said.

Abidoye proceeded to reintroduce the verdant family of presses into the Nigerian market. According to him; “In the rapidly changing print marketplace, success requires more than perseverance. When you want to enhance quality and produce more high value digital applications, this is advance. When you want more automation of time consuming processes, quality and accuracy controls, and when you want to future proof your business with the highest speeds and capacity, that’s what we offer at Xerox.”

The company reintroduced the versant 80 press, versant 180 press with performance package and versant 3100 press respectively. In the versant family of presses, automation drives result.


Jumoke Akiyode-Lawanson


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