• Friday, May 24, 2024
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TBC trains Nigerians on cryptocurrencies, introduces innovations to ensure account safety

In a bid to help people get best benefits from Crypocurrencies, identify ponzi schemes and ensure safety of individual’s accounts, The Billion Coin (TBC) has trained over 300 people in Lagos as well as introduced facial recognition scanner to ensure safety of individual’s accounts.

TBC, which is a private crypto currency, uses a pair to pair system. Its currency ‘krinkle’ grows in value by its membership. As a pair to pair system, TBC, which has over three million members aim to have a billion members.

In a bid to mark its four years anniversary on 21st of March, the international community of TBC embarked of a series of event in Nigeria. The event started on 1st March ended on 13th March with tours in Lagos, Abuja, Ondo and Enugu.

The Lagos event, which trained over 300 people, equipped participants on how to spend ‘krinkle’ and how to profit from the system. The event also sought to answer questions and solve challenges faced by members.

Steven Cuffee, Good will ambassador, TBC, America, said TBC was created to eradicate poverty.

According to him, TBC has introduced facial recognition scanner to ensure safety of individual’s accounts, adding that it is the first crypocurrency to implement this.

Cuffee also talked about the stability of the coin, which makes it immune to the changes in the economy caused by the Coronavirus.

“TBC, which is termed an ‘abundance or people’s’, coin is not affected by economic standards because its value grow based on its members.

“Market-based currency like Bitcoin, fluctuates like stock market. Asian and European counties are big on cryptocurrency, with the Corona virus hitting their economy, it has an effect on it,” he explained.

He added that government of countries around the world has accepted the coin because it strictly follows the guidelines of private business.

On trainings, Mbeh Derrick, global trainer, TBC, said “We have 1.3 million Nigerian members and realised the need for training as many people have wrong information, which could lead to abuse of members.

“We are informing people on benefits of being a member. If they are not trained they might not know how to transfer their currency from one account to another,” Derrick said.

Derick explained that the process of registration requires email addresses, name and contact details, adding that a welcome bonus is received upon registration.

Speaking on avoiding fraud he urged members to constantly visit the official blog to be abreast of information disseminated. He also called on members who need to verify information to speak to an active participant.

Also speaking at the event, Solo Amanotu, manager, TBC, Nigeria, said there are existing merchants that deal in trading with the currency.

“We have some merchants that accept krinkle. They usually pair it with the fiat currency. For example items ranging from food stuff to building materials or even real estate can be purchased using naira,” Amanotu said.