• Friday, June 21, 2024
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RES-Q digital set to impact the Africa digital space

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 RES-Q digital limited, an innovative research based digital marketing concern with a vision to be the most sought after innovative, experiential, digital marketing solutions company of choice in Africa, recently launched its operations at its corporate office located at Omole Estate, phase 2, Lagos.
The company, which is an offshoot of RichBrand media, aims to provide superior solutions and is resolute in achieving its purpose because investors and shareholders seek for long-term returns with its key areas of expertise, which includes- search engine optimisation, online reputation management, auditing, social media management, digital marketing, email marketing, trainings (equipment), content marketing and digital research.
Speaking at the event, Lekan Abioye, chairman and GMD, Richbrand media, explained that the company intends to be the company of choice in terms of research, creativity, experience and quick response provider to clients. “We are a solution providing digital agency for now and the future. We want to be the most sought after in Africa, by having presence in other Africa counties, starting from the West Africa nations within the next 1 year. In Nigeria, we will definitely be among the clear leaders within a year starting from  July 20, 2016,” he stressed.
He explained further, “Today, technology and communication are complimentary. Communication is not the same; advertising and audience attitude has also changed. The world is digitalised, the people are digitalised, and communication exposure is digitalised. And the good thing about digital marketing is the ability to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. You no longer have to buy dailies for you to access an advert or a message; you don’t rely on billboards or TV any longer. Everyone has the tool to access the world in their hands and digital marketing is the platform to deliver measurable, targeted, impactful communication without restrictions.”
Abioye listed the reasons to consider digital marketing as: Advanced Targeting Options – resources are not wasted as adverts are directed at the right people, so there is a measurable ROI. Scheduling- there is the opportunity to control what goes out, who does what and at what rate; there are many advantages over traditional media. Cost efficient – the ability to operate at minimal cost with tangible results- meaning result based on amount spent is measurable.
Advanced tracking and performance metrics: digital allows you to track your program and performance. It allows you to understand why results are far-fetched; and gives options to what can be done. Experiential: digital marketing provides avenue for closer experience with everybody. The pictures, videos, audio, written content, all sum up as good experience for the target audience. Feedback: instant ability to generate feedback if need be.
“The digital space creates a level playing field and also opportunities for all to air their views and be heard. We cannot but be here to help a lot of companies, individuals, SMEs, politicians that want to communicate tangibly with the right message to their audience with the right results and feedback.
We see partners in all other digital agencies in our nation and we will collaborate in areas necessary but note that we are strong in research, which exposes us to deep insights for solutions and we are confident that our competitors- we call them partners will see us as providing leverage for impactful results or solutions for them. So, we will be known as ‘The Digital agencies Agency on research,” Abioye concluded.
Mabel Dimma