Nigeria’s first fibre optic television service set to debut

ipNX Nigeria Limited, leading fibre optic cable network provider and emerging multi-systems operator, announced the addition of television services to its Fibre Optic Service (FoS), product bouquet making it the first firm to offer Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service in the country.

Ejovi Aror, ipNX’s group managing director, said, weekend that the commencement of the IPTV service aligns with the strategic objectives of the company when it started the roll-out of fibre optic network cable system for residential and business customers.

According to Aror, “the launch of ipNX TV fulfils our strategic objective of becoming Nigeria’s first multi system operator to deliver Triple-play services i.e. internet, television and telephony to our customers, similar to what Verizon and AT&T are doing in the United States of America (USA).”

He explained that set-up boxes (also known as STBs) have been delivered to one thousand subscribers of ipNX FoS who are today testing ipNX TV for functionality, content and reliability.

Feedback from these customers is currently being used to fine-tune the television system before it is launched to the public. ipNX TV is positioned to offer a new form of personal entertainment when compared to what most consumers of digital satellite television in Nigeria are already used to.

The head of ipNX media and entertainment subsidiary, Tunbosun Alake, succinctly described ipNX TV “as an entertainment service that enables you chose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and how you want to watch it” another way of describing features such as Catch-up TV, Video on Demand and Multiscreen device support which are some of the unique features of ipNX TV.

ipNX TV carries a blend of both live TV channels and video on-demand (VOD) covering a large array of genres that include news, movies, lifestyle, education, religion, music etc. that the viewer is allowed to personalise for maximum entertainment. Nigeria has witnessed the rise and fall of several indigenous companies that have ventured into the direct to home and cable television business market which ironically DSTV a South African company has continued to run successfully in the Nigerian territory. ipNX TV is not in direct competition with any other pay TV service.

 ‘What ipNX has done with its fibre optic services business model’ according to Aror, ‘is to build a content delivery platform and network infrastructure with enough capacity to retransmit and distribute thousands of both live TV and video on-demand contents in a super reliable and efficient manner’. He further explained that ipNX TV is a platform that any content producer or aggregator can take advantage of to reach millions of viewers nationwide in a reliable, stable and secure manner.

For example, ipNXTV runs on a fibre optic cable technology which unlike satellite service is not affected by rainfall and other inclement weather conditions. Accordingly he believes that ipNX TV and other television content producers and distributors can collaborate to improve the quality of service to Nigerian consumers both in content and quality of service. ipNX FoS took the telecoms industry by surprise when it announced late last year new residential broadband packages with speeds starting from 10Mbps for just N10,000 per month and another package offering N15Mbps priced N15,000 per month. FoS services at that time was only available in select parts of Victoria island but it now largely available in Lekki, Ikoyi and also being expanded to Magodo and Ikeja areas of Lagos State as well as FCT Abuja.

Ben Uzor Jr