Nigeria Fintech Week set to begin on 28 October

The Fintech Association of Nigeria and the Fintech Associates have announced that the  National Fintech Conference series – Nigeria Fintech Week  has now expanded in scope and activity to a week-long of various events happening in multiple locations across Nigeria (Lagos, Abeokuta, Akwa Ibom, Abuja and others)  from 28th October to 1st November 2019, with the two main conference  days holding on 29th and 30th October 2019 in Lagos.

The theme of this year’s Nigeria Fintech Week“Surviving with Fintech Innovation: What are the Sustaining Factors”  aims to take a leap into the future of Fintech as it further disrupts the financial world. This year’s edition will examine the key sustaining factors of fintech innovations, such as bridging the gender gap in fintech practices, consumer protection and privacy issues, alternative local fundraise and investment for Fintechs, stimulation of better policy regime, harnessing continental fintech efforts for a unified African fintech market, addressing the talent and skills drain in the fintech industry amongst others.

The event would unravel new waves of Fintech innovation driven by API, cloud and edge computing, AI and machine learning, blockchain technology, robotics and demonstrate how they will continue to change the face of businesses in the coming years. User case studies and projections for the near future will be shared. According to the organisers in a statement, the event promises to offer unique and unmatchable benefits and experiences to participants and partners.

The event would feature about eighty speakers of international repute comprising of leading Fintech CEOs, top banking and other financial institutions executives, regulators, governments, innovators, startups, ICT and digital enthusiasts from Nigeria and other continents; especially from leading fintech countries such as Singapore, U.SA., U.K., China, Mauritius, Kenya and others. It would play host to about two hundred leading global brands as financial, media and strategic partners while also drawing not fewer than three thousand participants from the length and breadth of the financial, financial technology, ICT and digital world.


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