LSPR launches in Nigeria to broaden the PR landscape

The London school of public relations (LSPR) Nigeria has been launched to further broaden and add competency to the country’s PR landscape. The school will offer a variety of courses including Fundamentals of Public Relations diploma programmes, and other shorter courses focusing on brand building, reputation and risk management.

These courses, which will be delivered by trainers from Europe, the United States, and Nigeria, are being offered at a specially discounted price for all starter courses. LSPR Nigeria is a partner company to the London School of PR in the UK.

Founded by John Dalton, biologist, communications specialist and UK business leader, in 1993, the London school of public relations delivers training in the UK and globally, and is recognised in the academia and the PR industry.

“I and my team in London are delighted that this initiative has finally come to fruition. We believe the school will be very successful in Nigeria given the position of the country in terms of its gross domestic product (GDP), economic growth and educated workforce. We already have a successful operation in Ghana and expect our Nigerian business will be equally fortunate,” Dalton said.

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LSPR Nigeria is headed by entrepreneur Charles Edosomwan, who has led advertising and digital marketing company Teksight Edge for the past 8 years using data and technology to drive brand engagement and customer acquisition.

“The PR landscape in Nigeria suffers from competency and standard issues especially with regards to professionalism and barrier to entry. We have the support of local business leaders and academia to ensure that professionals and business people in Nigeria can have access to world class training,” Edosomwan said.

Public relations and reputation management have grown in Nigeria, and the discipline is considered key to business success, and many senior PR executives across the country are key advisors to their boards of directors and strategic management.

Today, public relations professionals must understand finance, management, public affairs, social media, risk management, and technology, as well as keep their pulse on international affairs.

According to LSPR Nigeria, the institution will be an excellent approach to the growth and development of PR in the country. PR is considered a highly desirable career option, but up to now, there are very few reputable institutions in the country offering accredited courses.

The institution accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the UK will therefore add real value to help individuals and organisations employ effective methods to solving issues in business.

LSPR Nigeria will deliver practical and training initially virtually and later in the traditional classroom environment in Lagos and Abuja. Port Harcourt will follow in 2023.

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