Intermac Consulting announces Digital Pay Expo 2022

The 22nd edition of Digital Pay Expo organised by Intermac Consulting is scheduled to hold from 9 to 10 June 2022 at the Eko Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, with the theme ‘DeFi Africa: Beyond Hype, Understanding Use Cases for the Continent’.

Digital Pay Expo is a payment industry platform that showcases new innovations and get an understanding of industry trends.

“Beyond the hype of Decentralised Finance (DeFi), we will be exploring uses across Africa. This has become very instructive and apt at this time when Central Banks across the globe are developing and introducing the Central Bank Digital Currency as their response to the growing global popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the market, especially among the youth population, particularly those who are resident in Africa,” the company said.

The event is being sponsored by 9PSB, Appzone and other companies.

“One of our core principles at 9PSB is collaboration and which is why we are happy to collaborate with Intermac consulting to make this conference where important conversations about financial inclusion will be held a reality. This is because we are very passionate about ensuring the last-mile delivery of financial inclusion to the target audience. we do not believe they are the lowest of the low as quite a bit of them have a lot of cash lying around, we aim to make sure that everyone no matter where they are in the social structure of the economy can have easy access to the financial structure available. So it is not only a business collaboration for us it also has a social angle for us,” Shola Ogunyemi, head of Marketing Communication, 9PSB.

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The conference will examine the potential implications, complexities, and risks associated with the proliferation of consumers using DeFi.

While a larger part of African countries has seen interesting use cases on DeFi as a global finance force set to simplify the banking processes, the global transaction banking industry now sees DeFi as a potentially significant growth engine and disruptive force.

DeFi applications will bring the advantage of trust, transparency, and easy access for every person in need of banking, as there are characteristics and key factors for financial services that have been lacking on the continent and have slowed down the rate of growth in Africa.

“Cryptocurrency platforms are the future of Africa. Through them, affordable seamless cross-border transfer of funds will become inexpensive,” the company said.

Expert keynote speakers and panelists involved in fintech will address different verticals of the theme with respect to the practicality of achieving an enduring DeFi model in banking and finance across Africa’s highly competitive digital environment.

“We believe this is going to lead to a mass adoption of financial and payment products,” Francis Ogbuka, Chief Financial Officer of AppZone.

The 2022 Digital PayExpo conference will also feature an exhibition from sponsors.

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