AVEVA transitions to subscription model for software business

AVEVA, a global industrial software provider, has announced clients can trade in their existing perpetual licences for subscriptions spanning any mix of cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solutions across the design-operate-optimize industrial lifecycle.

According to the company, the model it calls the AVEVA Flex subscription transforms the way customers purchase and consume industrial software. It also ensures affordability by reducing the upfront costs by 65 percent while enabling flexibility and scalability to respond to changing business needs, industry standards, and regulatory requirements.

The company in its statement said new licences for major engineering and operations solutions in AVEVA’s software portfolio are now subscription-only. The company has also set a target to transition 80 percent of customer licences from perpetual to subscription by 2025.

“Industrial organisations, taking a hybrid approach to their software architectures, are capitalising on the increased data insights and functionality that cloud-based solutions provide – without giving up much-needed tools on-premises. A single subscription program that spans edge-to-cloud solutions and from engineering to operations can empower teams to connect and collaborate in new and agile ways,” said Saadi Kermani, vice president of Cloud Platform and Digital Business at AVEVA.

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In traditional perpetual software, ownership creates incentives to use dated and potentially unsupported software over time. However, AVEVA Flex ensures customers always get the software’s latest, most capable version and they will always know and be able to monitor their software expenses.

Many customers of AVEVA would find the new model suitable for their needs. European Energy. For example, uses AVEVA Unified Engineering in the cloud to enable scalable, secure engineering workflow across its global footprint to empower its latest Power-to-X projects. Power-to-X technology produces green e-methanol based on renewable wind, solar, and bio-waste energy sources. As projects ramp up around the world, a flexible software subscription model allows tiger control and alignment between technology investment and business requirements.

“Our vision is to be a major global force in driving the green energy transition. Achieving that requires innovative approaches. AVEVA Flex subscription removes the barriers to innovation and will be instrumental to our success,” said Michala Mulvad-Thiim, senior project manager of European Energy.