• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Premier Records partners Spinlet on digital music distribution


 In a bid to move with the times, Premier Records, one of the nation’s leading music record company, has made a move to work with Spinlet, a company with speciality in digital music distribution.

The partnership, explains Michael Odiong, special project manager, Premier Records, is to create alternative means for music distribution, saying “we want to take advantage of Nigeria’s huge mobile telephony base to deliver digital content services.

“Spinlet has changed the way music distribution is done in Africa. It is the first company to recognise digital music distribution in Nigeria. We hope digital music distribution will reduce piracy. We want to partner them on the way music distribution is done locally.”

Already, Premiere Records, which has been known for distribution of classic Nigerian music, is adding new flavours to the range of artistes on its stable by organising a mutually beneficial collaboration between old and new artistes. “Already, we are creating a platform for both old and new artistes to collaborate. We want more hip-hop artistes to ask for right to re-mix works of masters like Victor Olaiya, Raskimono, Junior and Pretty, Victor Uwaifo, among others who are signed to Premiere Records,” says Odiong.

Mark Redguard, marketing manager, Spinlet, says the partnership will enable Nigerian music to become more globally competitive and readily available the world over. “Today, people can buy, listen, share and manage music all within a user-friendly mobile platform. Nigeria currently has over 114 million telephone lines in the country, a huge market abound. I think that there is a major paradigm shift happening globally. Music is moving from physical purchases to digital downloads and streaming. Nigeria is definitely part of this,” Redguard says.

No doubt, Nigerian music has a presence on the international creative industry, this partnership is one of the ways to redefine the way classic Nigerian music and hip-hop is received. “Films, music, dance, drama, books and paintings, are platforms through which more revenue can be generated as the country is already carving a niche for itself as the next emerging destination after China for foreign direct investments,” adds Odiong.

“However, the country still suffers largely from years of neglect in protection of intellectual property rights, making it almost impossible for investors in the creative industry to get returns on their investments,” he says further.

Redguard, however, observes that Spinlet may be impeded by drawbacks associated with broadband infrastructure deployment that has consequently slowed down penetration, saying “in spite of the challenges, we are forging ahead. We have invested a lot of money in digital music distribution. We also put a lot of time into updating our apps, which cost a lot of money to developed.”