• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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A fateful bye at ‘The Chase’


Looking at his macho build and fine looks, Angolan Biguesas seems a ladies’ man. Yet, the votes were not enough to keep him and Neyll, his countryman, in the Biggies House. Their country, fans and even themselves were a bit disappointed last Sunday when they both left The Chase, and most importantly, the $300,000 for other housemates to chase especially Biguesas who resigned his job for the reality show.

The evictions follow the Heads of House having to reveal their ‘save and replace’ decisions. Diamond Head of House Melvin revealed he had saved Bolt and replaced him with Annabel. Ruby Head of House Selly found it easier to reveal her decision this week, telling the housemates that she had saved Oneal and replaced him with Neyll. Oneal’s eyes could not have been wider when he heard the news.

After Monday’s nominations, Diamonds Annabel (Kenya) and Biguesas (Angola) and Ruby housemates Pokello (Zimbabwe), Neyll (Angola) and Natasha (Malawi) were left fighting it out for Africa’s votes this week. After the SizweNtsalubaGobodo auditor had delivered the verified voting results, IK got down to business. The first name he mentioned was Pokello but only to tell her she was safe. Biguesas was not so lucky and had to say his goodbyes. Neyll was the next housemate to be evicted, leaving tears in his wake as his housemates consoled each other.

Out on stage, Biguesas told IK that switching between houses had made it difficult for him to open up, leading to the perception that he was quiet. He had no regrets about quitting his job to enter Big Brother: The Chase and that he had had no idea that Natasha had wanted to spend time with him in the Rendezvous Room so badly. Neyll said he had had fun with Bolt and Beverley as he ping-ponged between the houses and that his beef with Oneal was down to the fact that the Botswana housemate had been “bossy”.

EL, Ghanaian Channel O African Music Video Award-nominated star, performed at the show in super-smooth fashion with his hit ‘Hallelujah’. He returned later to set the stage alight with ‘Kaalu’ after Biguesas and Neyll had been evicted.

Boity Thulo, new media guru, told viewers about the cameras that the housemates wear from time to time. The exclusive 360 degree footage gives viewers a different perspective on life in the house and is only available on www.bigbrotherafrica.com.

The Ruby housemates were again victorious in this week’s Airtel Arena Showdown; it means Selly is again Head of House and could switch 2 Ruby housemates with 2 Diamonds. She chose Feza and Fatima to join the Rubies – sending Maria and Neyll the other way.

Viewers also got a chance to hear from last week’s evicted housemates. Koketso noted she had gained some “awesome relationships” from her time in the house and made lifelong friendships. She had learnt a lot about herself and she was happy for the chance to share some of herself with the continent. She told viewers that she and LK4 were friends and that they had “see what happens”. LK4 said that the opportunity to interact with people from different countries had been valuable. He felt that he and Denzel had represented Uganda well, called Koketso “amazing” and said the whole continent had fallen in love with her.

The viewer vote for last week’s most romantic gesture went to Koketso for the ‘strawberries & cream’ moment she shared with LK4 – which will see her entered into the competition for a special prize at the end of the show. This week, viewers can choose between Hakeem’s gifts to Cleo and Natasha & Biguesas’ dance; both shared moments from the Rendezvous Room.

IK reminded viewers of the three strike rule, which will see a housemate eliminated from the game if they contravene Big Brother’s rules three times. Selly got the first strike of the season for pouring a drink over Pokello during a party last week.

This week’s viewer vote winners were: Uhuru Tablet: Tendayi Mlalazi (South Africa); HD PVR Decoder – Mfon Edet (Nigeria) and DStv Walka – Mweeba Akakandelwa (Zambia). Don’t forget to vote to keep your favourite housemate in the game after Monday’s nominations, to stand a chance to win!

The winner of Big Brother: The Chase will be named after 91 days of head-to-head competition – and the power to award the USD 300 000 prize rests completely in the hands of the viewers.