• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Why Mason Greenwood is leaving Manchester United

Criticism mounts over Man U’s handling of Mason Greenwood investigation

Mason Greenwood, the forward for Manchester United, is poised to leave the club by mutual consent after a thorough six-month internal investigation into his behavior.

The incident that spurred the inquiry dates back to January 2022 when Greenwood faced allegations linked to material published online. In the subsequent months, the 21-year-old England international had been charged with serious offenses, including attempted rape and assault. However, these charges were subsequently dropped on February 2, 2023.

In a recent statement, Manchester United expressed, “All parties involved, including Mason, acknowledge the complexities tied to his potential return to Manchester United. In light of this, a mutual decision has been reached, suggesting it would be most suitable for him to continue his career away from Old Trafford. We are committed to assisting Mason in achieving this goal.”

The club noted their perspective on the situation, saying, “Considering the available evidence, it is our conclusion that the online content did not present the complete picture, and Mason did not engage in the alleged offenses for which he was initially accused. That being said, Mason acknowledges his errors, and he is taking full responsibility.”

Greenwood himself admitted, “I have recognised my missteps and will take accountability for them. I want to express gratitude to my family and loved ones for their support. It is now my responsibility to prove their trust was well-placed.”

The player’s contract with Manchester United is set to continue until 2025, but according to BBC Sport, there are discussions regarding a potential sale or loan to another club for the remaining duration of his contract. Although he remains on full pay, Greenwood will not rejoin training with Manchester United.

In the backdrop of this situation, a tumultuous period ensued. Amid ongoing protests from female United supporters regarding Greenwood’s potential return, the club opted to consult its women’s team before making any decisions about his future. The Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return group raised their concerns outside Old Trafford, emphasizing a zero-tolerance stance against violence against women.

While the process attracted attention and sparked intense discussions, the decision was ultimately announced after consultations with the women’s team. Richard Arnold, United’s Chief Executive, elaborated on the matter, stating, “Our investigative phase has concluded. After careful consideration, we have determined that Mason will continue his career away from Manchester United. We believe this decision is in the best interest of all parties involved.”

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This announcement has been met with mixed reactions from various quarters. Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return expressed their perspective, stating that while the decision was correct, the rationale behind it was not entirely satisfactory. Women’s Aid, a charity focused on ending domestic abuse against women and children, lauded the decision and emphasized the wider societal implications of how alleged domestic abuse cases are treated within clubs.