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Ahn Fire Digital: From simple blog to fast-growing sports publication

The internet has provided countless opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs since its creation, especially those looking to establish careers that allow them to work from home. Whether one decides to start his or her own business selling a product or providing skills through freelancing, the internet has something for everyone.

Brad Ahn, CEO and founder of Ahn Fire Digital, is an example of someone who has taken hold of the opportunities the internet offers.

Ahn created his own digital sports publication in 2011, named Heat Nation. The Miami Heat-based website has made great strides in the industry, thanks to the original and high-quality content it provides daily. Through its website and social media, Heat Nation has grown an impressive following of supporters.

What started in late 2011 as a blog that focused on providing information about the NBA’s Miami Heat has been scaled into one of the fastest-growing sports publications in the business.

Having recorded impressive success with Heat Nation, Ahn created two more businesses in 2014 using the same formula.

The decision to create Dolphin Nation and Cavaliers Nation proved to be the correct one, and scaling things has been a whole lot easier ever since. Soon enough, yet another team-based publication, named Lakers Daily, was eventually created.

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To help run things, Ahn put together a team, comprising highly experienced writers and editors who have worked in the sports world before, though there are a handful of managers, marketing experts, and reporters.

These individuals can be found worldwide, as Ahn Fire Digital and its related brands are all 100 percent online, but some of the higher-ups working for the company are located in Los Angeles.

Together, their goal as a company is to become a household name that’s widely recognized around the world, such as Bleacher Report, a fellow publication focused on all things sports.

Though the goal of becoming a leader in one’s respective industry is popular among many entrepreneurs, executing it is much easier said than done. But for Ahn Fire Digital, it has proved time and time again that it knows what it’s doing when it comes to scaling a company, and has even gained itself the title of one of the fastest-growing sports publications in the industry. Currently, it receives over 10 million page visits on all its publications combined and another 50 million impressions across all of its digital platforms.

Its goal is to double those numbers by the end of 2021, and at the rate it’s currently going, that may just be possible. Only time will tell for sure, but with the impressive team that’s keeping the company running, things are looking up for Ahn Fire Digital. Every goal it’s set so far has been reached, so it’s only a matter of time before this one meets the same fate.

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