Rising population seen to spur milk consumption as hunt for nutrition grows

Nigeria’s dairy consumption is expected to grow drastically owing to its large younger population who are craving for more nutritious food products.

Euromonitor International, an independent global market research company that provides strategy research services for the consumer markets has predicted Nigeria’s demand for dairy products to rise in its latest outlook for the country dairy industry.

“With strong population growth, particularly among children and young people, drinking milk products in Nigeria is expected to grow well over the forecast period,” the report said.

“A growing population is increasingly demanding greater nutrition through milk and powder milk offers convenience as well as affordability,” the report states.

Nigerians are increasingly aware of the health benefits of consuming milk products which account for essential micro nutrients needed for child development.

According to the report, milk products still sees low capita sales in Nigeria but despite this, there is still a strong scope for growth particularly with manufacturers stressing the need to prevent nutrient deficiencies such as calcium and other essential micro nutrients.

The report also added that powder milk which dominates drinking milk products is expected to continue to drive sales, recording the fastest growth despite being more mature than other categories.

Currently, Nigeria dairy industry is mainly dominated by imported milk with local manufacturers accounting for about 10 percent.

Nigeria imports over 95 percent of finished and raw milk. The country spends an average of $481 million (N173bn) on milk importation yearly, accounting for six percent of total food import in 2016, according to the country’s livestock policy document.

Nigeria’s national dairy output per annum is 700, 000 metric tons while the national demand is put at 1.3 million metric ton annually, leaving a gap of 600,000MT, according to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.



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