Indigenous low-cost store set to open

Th e Co-operative Warehouse (TCW), an indigenous cooperative and entrepreneur driven store will open its operation in Lagos this month.
The store, whose products are driven and owned by cooperative members, is aimed at making available to the public, first in class products at affordable prices below prevailing market prices, starting from its stores in Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, the first in many stores to open across Lagos and beyond.
Products on offer at the store range from household goods, food items, and electronics among others.
According to Ibukun Jeboda, the founder of TCW, “We have always looked for a way to help entrepreneurs and business owners bring their products to the market for the  benefit of the public, which means selling at affordable prices and yet making profit. The idea is to give every entrepreneur an opportunity to meet his or her desired
customers without cutting down on value.”
He added that TCW will help promote the value chain for entrepreneurs and ensure customers can buy affordable products without the burden of other cost transfers that tend
to increase the final cost of products.

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