• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Which school of thought holds sway for you on campus? (2)


Last week, I started a discourse on the various schools of thoughts that hold sway for students while on campus. Today I will like to conclude this article by taking a look at the other schools of thought.

The conservative school of thought has the highest number of followers; they believe that there is nothing wrong in combining a little bit of academics with the social life that UNILAG can offer.

I fall in that category because I am a strong advocate that a university student should be well equipped academically and socially but not to misuse the opportunity that UNILAG offers.

Their conservatism is borne out of the fact that the soul is willing to remain single but the flesh is not, distinction should be made however between the conventional meaning of the soul and flesh theory.

The ‘flesh’ being referred to here is the need to start up a relationship with the view of ‘growing’ that relationship into a responsible one. But the major setback to this school of thought is that most of us tend to ‘accumulate’ as many relationships as possible thereby making us suffer from ‘social exhaustion’.

The consequence of a break-ups can be disastrous and often lead to lack of trust from those that have gone through the ugly scenario of being ‘used and dumped’ by the ladies. For us, our views and orientation towards ladies or guys as the case may be is that ‘all of them are the same’ which more often than not is a fallacy of misconception. We see the fun seekers as the extremists and the religious school of thought as the out of touch with the reality.

The religious school of thought are represented by followers of Jesus or Mohammed in principle and in practice. It is important to clarify here that because you attend a church or mosque does not qualify you to be a member of this school, you must exhibit the highest degree of Christ-like behaviour or sharia based principles of life- now you get the clearer picture. It can be likened to the case of the Biblical position that “Not everybody that call Me Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom.”

Members of this school of thought have their socials cut to the barest minimum; they live a regulated life, regulated by the need to be academically and religiously sound. However, man was not created to live in isolation; there is always a point in their lives that they need to find a life partner in what is referred to as the ‘missing rib’ in this part of the world.

Some of them have been known to participate in an ‘arranged’ marriage or God instructed marriage.

While there is no reliable statistics about the number of these arranged marriages that ended up as a success or failure, one thing is certain: everybody wishes they could fall into this category and some of those that belong to this category were possibly once addicted members of the aforementioned schools of thought. Honestly speaking, can you situate where you belong?

Oyede Saheed a.k.a Chief Humanbeing is a serving corp member in Lagos