• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Which school of thought holds sway for you as a student?


There are a lot of things that catches your attention as a UNILAG student whenever you are on campus, but the chief of it all is the ladies that appear to compete with one another in fashion and the guys that try to outdo each other in competing for the ladies’ attention.

It is either as a lady, you try to extremely or moderately compete with others, set the standard for or conform to what is obtainable in your immediate environment or as a guy, you try to outdo each other in order to gain the attention of the lady or ladies as the case may be.

Every undergraduate is as guilty as the other for as long as you come in contact with these ladies but the hard part of it is that no one is willing to admit that he is as guilty as his next door neighbour.

To enjoy our discussion, I will like to treat it under three schools of thought as follows: those that see nothing wrong in combining ‘socials’ with academics, they fall into the category that I would like to tag as the ‘fun seekers’ school of thought’. Closely following this school of thought is the conservative school of thought; it is only wrong when you go a bit further than necessary. They believe that because men was wired to exist in a complex web of social interactions, a little to the right and a little to the left is still acceptable. The third school of thought is the religious school of thought who believes that as long as it is outside the scope of their ‘syllabus’ it should be discarded.

The fun seekers’ school of thought are the ‘unconventional’ students that have become the yardstick for measuring UNILAG socially. For the ladies, they are easily noticeable in their provocative advertisement wears; they put the concept of nearness to market, nearness to raw materials and nearness to customers to use- if only you get what I mean. They trade majorly in the night and over the weekends and if you are a first time visitor to UNILAG you will commit the fallacy of erroneous belief about the academic ability of UNILAG students, the UNILAG market is not only limited to the local buyers alone , there are the ‘imported’ buyers, those that are old enough to father the ladies.

For now, nobody seems to be alarmed by this ugly trend on campus until it put the entire university community into a national controversy. To the fun seekers, their academics can wait for their socials and they find it hard to differentiate between their primary objectives as a student and their other sundry objectives. In the long run, they end up constituting a burden to the university system and by extension to the community at large.

These ladies are too powerful to fight and they are too connected to deal with so most times because of the fear of the unknown most of us that are student writers always maintain a grave yard silence on this matter not because we are cowards but because it is not every battle that is worth fighting. As a writer, why should it be my primary concern to find out why bats always turn to the left whenever they leave the cave? A good general is he who knows when to fight and when not to fight. Join me next week for the concluding part of this piece.


OYEDE SAHEED A.K.A Chief Human Being