• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Wellspring College drives learning through sports


  It has been discovered that the best form of learning for a child is one that not only develops his cognitive and affective domains, but also tends to his psychomotor. It is therefore as part of her effort to develop a total child that Wellspring College recently organised her 7th annual inter-house sport competition aimed at bringing out the competitive aspects in the students.

The event, held at the Unilag Sport Centre presented students an opportunity to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship and to compete meaningfully among themselves.

Speaking at the occasion Oluwayemisi Oloriade, principal of the college said that sporting activities such as these, apart from developing the body and mind of a child by instilling in them the sense of discipline, it moulds in students an indefatigable character of fair play and team spirit.

Oloriade noted that sporting activities such as this ensures that students are thoroughly bred not only to be knowledgeable and disciplined, but also healthy adding that a youth who wants to be a leader in the future must be able to possess such leadership attributes.

According to her, “Sports make you a good and responsible leader, a team player who listens to the yearnings of his people and respects their feelings.”

She however tasked the competing students in their determination to win remember to be propelled by the ultimate spark of glory and learn to be guided by the rules of game and sportsmanship.

To the students not competing, she urged them to realise that without their cheers and support there will be no glamour in whatever victory those competing will record.

“You must see yourselves as the bedrock of today’s occasion and try your best to make it a successful one by not relenting in your support for your representatives,” she said.

The principal further appreciates parents for their prompt assistant in making the event one that is worth the while.

The highlights of the event saw various competitions between, Grace, Favour, Goodness and Praise Houses.