• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Students union government, how necessary is this evil?’


There are lots of divergent views about the importance of student union government (SUG) in every higher institution.

While some sees this body as an integral part of every higher institution because they stands as a go arbiters between the School management and the students with their representation being of tremendous positive benefits for students.

They are of the opinion that in order to pioneer effectively the activities of the university or polytechnic communities, it is always pertinent to have students’ representatives.

However incidents around several institutions of higher learning have really escalated beyond limit where university management ignored or underrated the role of SUG in the affairs of any higher institution.

It is pertinent at this juncture to note that Student Union Government (SUG) as a body don’t just exist on itself, it has constituents parts that makes up the body, these constituents are the politicians (as they call themselves) that try to get the students mandate.

That is to say, the fundamental criterion to emerging as a member of SUG is winning the hearts of the student who will vote you into a particular office through a properly conducted election in accordance to the constitution and in partnership with the Division of Students Affairs.

The roles of this ‘all powerful’ student body are numerous, not only do they help in reducing the work load on the school management, liaising with the entire students through their representatives, and catering for the students’ welfare matters amongst other reasons.

In most cases the management uses them as a medium to send their message across to the entire students if it is not possible to reach them. They speak on behalf of the students having known most of their plights and challenges within the school environment.

As interesting as this may sound, it has also being discovered that Students are being attracted as a result of its fame, financial gains, privileges, and among other benefits. With the willful power they exercise they become the subject of discussion making headlines on campus magazines. Much has been given to them and much is equally expected from them. Good leaders will always represent their students interest and while bad leaders will always strive for selfish gains.