• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Students’ perception on the concept of ‘needs and wants’


 The continuous technological advancement on communication and internet seem to produced a generation of students with misplace priorities. Despite the role of blackberry and other smart phones in solving academic assignments, students should understand the fact that there is a thin line between needs and wants.

Recent findings have shown that students are usually prone to frivolities within the school environs at the expense of their academics, while the serious minded students undergo a lot of temptation which could easily make them lose focus as a result of bad relationships or other campus activities.

Such activities include freshers’ night, welcome parties amongst others which become an avenue for students to the go extra mile in an attempt to enjoy themselves. They strive hard to make it up to their respective girlfriends. Failure to do that might terminate their relationship and the boys are not ready to lose their girlfriends, especially when they haven’t achieved their desires.

In the course of these, their academic pursuits suffer jeopardy as a result of not doing the right things at the right time.

This could be one of the reasons why every secondary school leaver was mandated to offer Economics as a subject as this area of study basically deals with economic issues like needs, wants, and scale of preference. Students were told to arrange their needs in order of importance. The reverse is becoming the case as students tend to solve problems that are not of immediate importance to them at the expense of important ones.

The funniest aspect of this issue is that these students could purchase things worth thousands and hardly settle their academic debts. They find it difficult to buy books that could easily influence their thinking positively, or even transform their lives. That was why a white man made a sarcastic statement about Africans when he said ‘if you want to hide anything from a black man hide it in a book’.

The reading culture is dying off gradually; reading could be during examinations and not on daily basis.

A student chats alongside receiving lectures which is uncalled for. You could imagine how depth is the knowledge been impacted.

That could be one of the reasons why graduates find it difficult to put into practice what they have really studied.

A fortunate lady was opportune to gain employment in one of the prestigious banks as a public relations officer having studied Mass Communication. She was assigned to deliver a vote of thanks on behalf of the new employees, but she never sounded like a Mass Communicator. You could imagine the grammatical redundancies flowing from her mouth, she felt ashamed. This could be one of those people who never did the right things at the right time while they were students

It will be of enormous importance if students should plan well in the areas of spending and academic activities. Giving preference to the immediate needs would go long way in achieving success and not misplacing priorities.



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