• Friday, December 08, 2023
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Nigerian students show innovativeness, emerge tops in global science competition


It was a keenly contested science competition, but at end of the presentation, the trio of Adebola Duro-Aina, Oluwatoyin Faleke and Abiola Akindele of Doregos Private Academy emerged as the Gold Medal Award winners in the Energy category with the project titled, ‘The urine powered generator’ at the 2013th edition of the International Sustainable World Engineering Energy Environment Project (i-SWEEEP) at the International Science and Engineering Fair, Phoenix, Arizona USA.

The awardees, who are Nigerian and the only Africans, won a gold medal in the Energy category with a corresponding price of $600 and $11,000 in scholarship each from the University of Houston with a requirement of obtaining the pre-requisite grade in their SAT examination.

In an overwhelming excitement, Abeke Doregos, the principal, said the school is strongly poised to develop the innate potentials of the students. “It has been our collective resolve to challenge our students to put their intrinsic talents, endowments and in the long run, academic trainings into profitable use.”

Doregos reiterated that, “we strongly believe we should provide platforms and showcase the potentials of our students across the globe. According to her, “I believe the students should go out and compete with their counterparts overseas which makes them value what they do in school here at home.”

The educationist further revealed that her students are known for their frontline and trailblazing posture and position in excellent participation and representation of the school in competitions in and across borders.

For the cerebral development and vastness of the pupils, the elated principal added that the school participates in Arts and Science competitions actively as well as in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and “we also sponsor competitions which are open to all schools in the country. Sports academy is also another area the school is greatly mentioned. We sponsor basketball competitions for private schools in Nigeria.”

I-SWEEEP is an international science fair with the vision to promote inventions and energy efficiency/management discoveries, which will nurture environmentally friendly technology concepts in secondary education. The goal is to plant a seed in high school students into looking for alternative solutions for a sustainable world.