• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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E-learning solutions provider sees huge prospect in Nigeria


The Learning Nuggets Company (LNC), a UK-registered e-business and e-learning consultancy firm said it has seen great prospect in Nigeria’s education sector as the country explores information and communication technology (ICT) option to raise its global competitiveness.

Diana Dwamena, the chief executive officer of LNC, disclosed this at a two-day African Resources and Technology for Education (ARTE) show held in Lagos where the company showcased its virtual learning products and other learning aids.

The education fair, organised by Worldview International Group, brought together global manufacturers and suppliers of education technology and learning resources such as teaching aids, e-learning/virtual learning products, ICT gadgets, solutions as well as other educational contents and tools to aid growth and development in education in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The company had on display products covering access, content and learning support services such as Safari Book online, Google apps, Campus Companion, Learning Workspace, Cross Knowledge (storyphones), which cater for educational institutions at various levels and corporate/professional academies.

Speaking on the prospect in Nigeria, Dwamena said, “We are very excited. We believe that online learning or virtual learning/mobile learning is going to develop in the Nigerian market and we are looking for opportunities to work with institutions and organisations. People are really enthusiastic about what we do. They are interested in going online, although some of them have their reservations on whether government will be willing to help them. But we believe that with adequate awareness, government will buy into it.”

Dwamena insisted that for Nigeria to become globally competitive in education, the country has to embrace virtual learning/e-learning.

The CEO however pointed out the infrastructure challenge in the country which is likely to slow down the process of integrating ICT into the education sector and urged government at all levels to do something about it, stressing that digital/online learning has become the pitch of learning internationally.

She noted that LNC had earlier studied the African market and factored in the region’s peculiar challenges in the design of its products, for instance the Campus Companion for educational institutions and corporate academies addresses the network challenge by providing access through wireless, mobile and local area network.