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What Adron Homes 40% discount on properties, business startup kits offer means for home seekers

At various times and for various reasons, real estate firms enter the property market with programmes, products and services for existing and intending customers, especially first time home buyers.

The decision by Adron Homes and Properties to give 40 percent discount on properties sold and bought from any of their estates in different parts of Nigeria is aimed to increase opportunities for people looking to own homes to do so with minimum difficulty, the real estate firm has explained.

The company’s offer of business start-up kits to property buyers in its on-going promotional sales is intended to empower such buyers. All the items being given out have the potential to generate income when put into use, which means increased capacity and opportunity to buy and own homes.

The items include grinding machine, sewing machine, tricycles, clippers, refrigerators, micro-wave oven, hair-driers, shaving clippers, smart-phones, mini-bus, cars, etc which can be used for setting up small and medium scale businesses. The aim is to enable the users get money to pay for the property bought on installment basis.

These opportunities, the company explains further, are meant to encourage and empower young Nigerians not to wait until they are 60 years before owning homes, adding that the flexible payment plans which if offers is to enable subscribers to pay according to their income flow.

Added to these is the company’s skills acquisition programme which offers training opportunities in ICT, photography, food processing, fishery, catering, fashion designing, hair-dressing, titling, etc which, in their thinking, is another form of empowerment for Nigerians in their homeownership journey.

The 40 percent discount on its properties is at the core of the company’s independence anniversary promo tagged ‘Adron 60-60 Empowering Everyonepromo’ and it cuts across their 34 estates in various parts of Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, Oyo, Osun and Nasarawa.

According to the company, besides celebrating Nigeria at 60, the promo is also aimed to cushion the impact of the global health emergency called Coronavirus has caused many households to lose jobs and some companies are now operating sub-optimally, laying off staff or cutting their salaries.

“We are giving back to loyal customers and rewarding new clients by supporting them in upping their business skills and setting them up with diverse small business startup kits. With our up to 40 percent discount on land and properties bought, customers can enjoy these benefits by subscribing to any of our products with initial deposits as low as N25,000 only,” explained Folashade Oloruntoba, the company’s Group Chief Responsibility Officer.

According to Oloruntoba, “you necessarily don’t have to choose one or the other. The ‘60-60 Empowering Everyone Promo’ presents a unique opportunity to start and grow your business whilst owning real estate at your own pace.”

Ayodeji Ojo-Omoniyi, Group Executive Secretary, added that “at Adron Homes & Properties, we are constantly offering value for money on all our properties. Now, with this promo for celebrating our dear nation, Nigeria, we are deepening impact of the highest level there is.”

He noted that, besides its passion for nation building, Adron Homes also believes that individual growth highly influences a nation’s development, adding, “it is in this light that the company is offering deep discounts combined with gift items to reward its customers.”

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