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PurpleLekki: New face of entertainment, hospitality industry on the way

A new face of entertainment and hospitality industry is on the way as Purple Group seals pact with Bank of Industry (BoI) and Keystone Bank for the completion of its new project, PurpleLekki located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Purple Group, a real estate investment and development company, has BoI and Keystone Bank as its new partners in the public and private sectors. It is the developer of PurpleLekki, a mixed use facility.

Scheduled for delivery in 2022, PurpleLekki which is being built with state-of-the-art exterior & interior pieces driven by cutting-edge technology, is designed to provide an infrastructural platform for entertainment, hospitality and retail.

The Cinema, embedded in the project, for instance, will bring a refreshing flavour to family and community entertainment patronage and management in Nigeria.

Expectation is that when PurpleLekki is completed and functional, it will, in no time, be the Mecca of Nollywood managers, producers, players and patrons as the site to shoot blockbuster movies and a place to watch them upon release to the cinemas. Apart from entertainment, PurpleLekki was conceptualised to make socio-economic impact on Lagos state economy.

The massive construction, which will provide over 2,500 estimated direct and indirect jobs, is already creating a pseudo community economy for the parts of Lekki, its host community. The explains what must have encouraged BOI/Keystone syndicated interest to bankroll the project.

As an integrated entertainment, hospitality and retail hub, PurpleLekki presents all the enchanting features of the current vogue in global high-end architectural masterpieces. It represents the growing trend for urbanists and developers to incorporate a range of uses on city centre sites.

It makes for more efficient use of scarce land, providing a more varied and sustainable experience for occupiers and visitors.

Breathing new life into a previously underserved neighbourhood, the Purple vision creates a completely connected community of co-living and co-working professionals, leisure seekers and short, long-stay guests.

Olukayode Pitan, MD, BoI

Envisioned as a vibrant live-work-play hub that fosters emotional connections with its users through lively social and cultural activities, inviting public places and energetic community vibes, this mixed-use development comprises a retail and department centre which serves as a platform to inspire retail innovation; other blocks that meet the needs of a variety of businesses and co-working spaces.

At the core of the Purple idea is community, connectivity and convenience.

Catering to the new breed of consumers whose desire for a collaborative environment and authentic experiences reflect their passion and tastes, the PurpleLekki concept provides exceptional visibility in the very heart of the part of urban Lagos it finds itself.

Contemporary and eco-friendly, this new, but evolving format forms an integral part of an institutional and cultural compound that will be home to the core of the Lagos metropolitan taste for lifestyle and entertainment; with a view to facilitating cultural synergies and business alliances.

It is expected that, on completion, the facility will transform skylines and their striking silhouettes will stand as an emblem of Lagos city’s rising status as a global metropolis. With a potential to invigorate its urban context, PurpleLekki embodies a radical manifestation of the potential of the dignity of a space to be and feel free.

It stands out as a project, combining class-A offices with an industrial and modern design, retail and culture with an array of restaurants, and boutiques; a cinema; and family entertainment for all ages. The adventurous synthesis of conventional and high-tech architecture creates a great space for business and art; while the modern and friendly spaces are perfect for work and everyday activities.

The BoI-Purple marriage is one that defines the true colour of public private partnership (PPP) as a veritable means of achieving an inclusive and integrated development of a nation’s economy; in this case, entertainment and hospitality.

Essentially, BoI, which is headed by Kayode Pitan, has been collaborating with various industry subsector groups such as the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) to improve structures in the nation’s creative and entertainment industries, with a view to increasing the economic benefits that harness what these industries would bring to Nigeria.

The bank believes this would aid both the industry and the country in general to take full advantage of the abundant talents resident in the country. The value the creative industry brings to the nation’s economy, in terms of saving the nation’s huge foreign exchange spent on acquiring structures and facilities including studios, is one of the major attractions for the bank.

In BoI’s paradigm shift, the bank has paid considerable attention to the creative industry because it is aware of its potential and contributions to the Nigerian economy

Regarding the structures needed to support the industry, the nation’s premier development finance institution is also driving the process to bring in foreign and private investors to consider investing in the creative and entertainment industries, stating that it would help create job opportunities as well as support other value-chains in the sector.

Although the bank acknowledges the abundance of talents in Nigeria, the managers of the bank recognise that structure is what is lacking.

Among the many attractions for the BoI’s interest in the Purple’s developments, the entertainment and hospitality components in the mixed-use medium makes the Purple idea a game-changer for the government funding institution.

As a major backer of the Purple concept, Keystone Bank has established itself as a financial institution with a keen eye for ideas and projects that push the envelope in advancing nation-building and community development, according to prevailing global trends.

The Purple concept had obviously captured Keystone’s imagination of a Disney-styled mixed-use development to earn the bank’s inspired passion to be a major partner in the business.

With a promise to offer support service, guide and grow businesses, Keystone has been providing the necessary financial solutions for growth, while keeping in focus the business’ need for profitability and efficient liquidity management.

Olaniyan Olayinka, MD, Keystone Bank

The sectors it focuses on include general commerce (trading), industrial and agro-allied chemicals, telecommunications, manufacturing, downstream oil and gas trading, hospitality and building and construction, among others.

Its support for the Purple development resonates with the bank’s service promise to support, guide and grow this new concept in mixed-use development in the country.

The entire concept of these mixed-use developments is defined in PurpleLiving, which was launched by the Group’s CEO, Laide Agboola, as part of its contribution to property development in Nigeria.

Also created to engender wealth, some of PurpleLiving concepts are designed to help address the estimated 18 million housing deficit in the country and create wealth. As part of the plans, Purple promises to provide Nigerians with an opportunity to own premium, gated, and affordable residences in the heart of Maryland and Lekki with flexible payment plans.

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Homes are an essential good and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated a reality where more white-collar workers and entrepreneurs are spending more time at home. This has brought about the need to invest in new homes or secure their savings in real estate investments over other financial instruments.

PurpleLiving is aimed to create home ownership and facilitate real estate investment while preserving the ultra-modern standard of living.

With the rising cost of rents in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos, structured payments have also been created, which will offer maximum customer satisfaction and an unbeatable long-term return on investment.

” Investors in PurpleLiving have the opportunity to make fortunes from their property investment. Essentially, discerning investors could generate huge returns from their investment in property as well as to create a portfolio of property investment with a view to building wealth,” Agboola assured.

Laide Agboola, MD, Purple Group

“Our initiative will eradicate all the challenges of owning a house in different highbrow locations around Lagos and spread real estate opportunities to property lovers in a very subtle and convenient way,” he added.

Purple, he pointed out, was focused on providing top facility management and services while developing more properties that fit into future smart cities. According to him, developments are to follow an urban village model, mixed-use assets where residences are in close proximity to essential and entertainment facilities.

Agboola said Purple will help transform the landscapes of urban communities and place Nigeria at the forefront of development in Africa.

There are three major projects in PurpleLiving. There is the Nano hotel-apartments situated right in the heart of the current mixed-use ‘Urban Village’. Designed as premium and modern-styled residences, the macro apartments are situated on the mainland and consist of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Strictly residential and gated developments also within the Lagos metropolis, the urban residences will be a mix of fully detached and semi-detached duplexes, pent apartments and 2, 3 and 4 bedroom.



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