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Opportunity opens for investors, home buyers at Paramount Twin Towers

Opportunity has now opened for home buyers and investors wishing to have a stake in a new luxury facility being developed by Grenadines Homes, a leading luxury real estate developer in Nigeria.

The developer is offering luxury apartments in the new development known as Paramount Twin Towers. The apartments comprise 1, 2 and 3-bedrooms in Tower B of the facility.

Grenadines Homes is well-known for building ultra-luxury properties in the most prime locations of Victoria Island and Ikoyi and it is such that any buyer or investor looking for a well-designed project with world class amenities, the destination is Paramount Twin Towers.

“Buyers can reserve 1, 2 or 3-bedroom in the luxury apartments with an initial deposit of N9.87 million and spread the balance based on a quarterly payment plan,” the officials said, noting that this is an ideal opportunity for investors to invest in the new development.

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This opportunity, they added, is open in other Properties of Palton Morgan Holdings in VI and Ikoyi to enjoy high return on investment in the shortest period. Palton Morgan Holdings, the parent company of Grenadines Homes, has advised buyers to visit their site before making a purchase so as to see the quality and speed of work.

“This is a limited time-offer on current prices. It is for those buyers who understand the business well and are keeping an eye on the current economic conditions, dollar devaluation, inflation and cost of construction materials today,” Mumtaz Zaidi, Chief Marketing Officer at Palton Morgan Holdings, said.

“We all know that the prices in real estate assets are not going to be the same again and given the present situation, our prices will change to meet the current challenges and also to keep promise made to customers on quality and project delivery time,” he explained.

Paramount Twin Towers is a magnificent project located at Oniru Waterfront in Victoria Island. It promises to take luxury living to a new level of sophistication and change the skyline of its environment. The Towers will offer a unique blend of safe and secure community living that will make its residents feel at home next to the Atlantic Ocean.

Work on the project is progressing at an amazing speed. “We are making progress; as of now, our piling contractor, Trevi Foundation is at 60 percent of completion level. They are working to have piling completed by mid-October so that the main contractor can mobilize to site,” Nidal Turjman, Executive Director & Group COO, Palton Morgan Holdings said.

As a project, Paramount Twin Towers is among the most desired in the Nigerian luxury real estate segment. It is expected that, when completed, it will be a significant part of Palton Morgan’s customers’ success stories.

Every developer desire to be the best and Palton Morgan is no exception to this. Nidal Turjman, the company’s Group Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, says it is this desire that informs their selection of the best project managers and contracting companies for their projects.

Trevi, for instance, is a leading name in project piling and so, is one of such selection.

“Palton Morgan is on a mission to lead the real estate sector in Africa with revolutionary ideas and strategies that will fuel great innovations within the Nigerian property market. We are building sophisticated masterpieces and creating new standards for luxury living,” Mumtaz said.

Massimo Cagna, Trevi’s General Manager, is not only delighted at the second opportunity to work with Palton Morgan after working on The Oceanna, but also assuring of another perfect job on PTT. “I worked with the company on The Oceanna project, and they have great working structure and human resources”, he noted.

As a mark of confidence and interest in the Palton Morgan brand, buyers are already putting cash into the project and so, the sale of Tower B has just begun. Customers can invest in this project before the price increase to enjoy good returns on their hard-earned investments.

“We are happy that our customers have shown genuine interest in Paramount Twin Towers because of its location, community concept, world-class amenities and value for money,” Mumtaz reiterated.

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