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Nigeria’s top five real estate consulting firms that models the industry

Considering the scenario of today’s world, real estate isn’t just limited to the lands but has evolved with the buildings, houses, mansions and all other types of structures within. There is also the manpower that drives this multi-billion dollars industry. They include consultants, property developers, brokers, legal advisors, architects, Brand /sales experts, among others.

In light of this, we have researched the top 5 real estate consulting companies in Nigeria that have got the experience, reliability and reputation to entrust and run your real estate businesses. These consulting firms aren’t just interested in sales of the property but offer professional advisory services. So, if you are in search of a trusted real estate consulting company, here are your best bets.

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  1. BuyRealEstate.NG

BRE, which holds a high reputation for its 21st-century sales and marketing services as well as a holistic consultancy approach is without a doubt a major player in the ever-challenging modern Nigerian Real estate market. Within a short space of time, BuyRealEstate.NG has been able to attract investment worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the industry through its aggressive marketing campaign, both locally and internationally. BuyrealEstate. NG boasts of an excellent team that offers the tested service to other real-estate companies to help build their sales. Hence one of their numerous slogans is “commit your brand to us”. This service covers five (5) key areas including Brand Positioning, Marketing Consulting, Sales Training/Coaching, Sales and Marketing Hiring/Assessment and Real Estate Event Management.

  1. JideTaiwo and Co

The company which was founded in the year 1980 by JideTaiwo a professional, whose expertise has helped in keeping the firm on top despite the industry’s varying changes and challenges. JideTaiwo and Co (JTC) have well over 22 offices all over the nation making it a house hold name.

3.Cadwell Limited

Cadwell Limited, also a firm that has been in the game for two decades is unarguably one of Nigeria’s top Real Estate Companies. A look at the company’s project profile reveals that they are mostly involved with high-end clients and are also involved in Real estate development and management, marketing of real estate projects and facility maintenance.

4.Primerose Development Company

The focus of identifying real estate opportunities and conducting designs as well as feasibility analysis and project management keeps PDC relevant even after 30 years in the Nigerian property market; their world-class management, innovative and sales strategy is beyond commendable. With properties in high brow areas of Lagos, their diverse property portfolio reads in excess of $150 million

5.Primewaterview Limited

The firm’s real estate experience has placed it in top ranks among the big and major players in Nigeria’s Real estate industry. It holds a remarkably high reputation in the luxury and development sector. Their properties can be found in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki.

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