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IL Bagno transforming interior experience with multi-sourced solutions

IL Bagno

IL Bagno, a private limited liability company operating under Black Pelican Limited,  has been in Nigeria for 15 years, transforming the interior furnishing experience with innovative options sourced from world leading manufacturers of interior solutions.

With the coming on stream of its above-par solutions in sanitary wares, kitchen, lightings, and furniture among other fittings, demand has become diversified and increased with users’ awareness on these options.

“This means bathrooms are not just pale corners for unwholesome body exercises, and neither is lighting a mere illumination without aesthetics. Rather, it is treated as a sanctuary that should be surrounded with relaxing gadgets that reflect taste, personality and lifestyle”, Adetutu Opeyemi, IL Bagno’s brand manager, told BusinessDay.

“We started as a bathroom company but over the years we saw the need to consolidate everything within interior space; we don’t want to be boxed. Our core is total interior solutions and our focus is excellence in terms of customers’ services,” she said.

Under selective partnerships with international brands such as Iguizzini, Stua, Emco, and Hansgrohe, IL Bagno brings residential and corporate demands for interior furnishing up to speed with ground breaking designs.

The company’s latest products with most recent and awing designs are from the stables of Iguizinni and Stua. Iguizinni is an Italian company with a technological focus on lightning designs for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Stua, on the other hand, tailors its innovations to furniture products.

Some of Iguizzini’s latest products which IL Bagno is set to deliver to the Nigerian market include Laser Blade XS and Laser Mini-me collection.

Distinctive for its precision, Laser Blade XS cuts through ceilings and disappears into grooves just 28mm wide to perform a trick of light, an architecture that opens to illuminate itself. The masterpiece of precision is also a nano-technology capable of transforming a small invisible LED into a powerful and uniform circle of light.

“They don’t just do light for lightning sake. Their goal is to light up the world. And when they take on a project, it is from façade to floor ceiling; it’s not just light that we know. There are technologies that go into colours and rays and how they illuminates the space,” the brand manager explained, disclosing that IL Bagno strives to ensure that every brand it carries targets a unique need.

Laser, on the other hand, is the first Mini-me collection in the lighting space, with a solution for both lighting and decorating spaces using down-lighting, discretion and elegance. This includes satisfying all the application requirements of retail, hospitality and residential environments, with the down-lighting that it has to offer. It is a rare combination of form, colour, dimensions, applications, optics, technology and functionality with one common characteristic: visual well-being in terms of comfort.

The exclusive warm-dimming version reproduces the dimming effect of a halogen lamp and evokes the magic of the past when less light meant warmth, softness and silence. And the Opti Beam optics include fixed, adjustable (internally and externally) and wall washer options. It is light invisible to the eyes but not the sight.

In the area of furniture, Stua is contributing to the exponential growth in furniture trends, investing  a lot in fabric and comfort. It focuses on light weight furniture that can give comfort and still take as much weight as needed in unimaginable colours.

“These people are thinking entirely out of the box,” Opeyemi noted.

However, realising it wouldn’t be enough to provide terrific products without a corresponding service of installation, IL Bagno also works with its client to achieve custom installation built with ingenuity for space management.

According to Opeyemi, the need was arising from situations where people with limited knowledge were botching the bathroom job with high technical requirements.

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