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How Yobo-Lifecard Empowerment Fund enables Nigerians to own homes, land

For young Nigerians aspiring to become home or land owners, opportunity beckons as the Yobo-Lifecard Investment International Initiative is out now to empower 100 of such people through its Yobo-Lifecard Empowerment Fund.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between Joseph Yobo, who is not just a footballer, but also an experienced real estate investor and a seasoned businessman, while LifeCard Investment is a firm offering result-driven real estate solutions to people seeking to own real estate assets.

“At Lifecard Investment, we believe strongly that every living person is entitled to approximately two acres of land. So, we are offering an opportunity that serves both young home seekers and investors. We want them to key into the opportunity and meet their needs,” Grace Ofure Ibhakhomu, LifeCard CEO, said in a statement in Lagos at the weekend.

Ibhakhomu recalled that, looking at year 2020 from a distance, about 9 months ago, the year seemed promising with lots of possibilities. Millions of people came into the New Year with high hopes and energy to conquer many challenges, win many battles, and lift some trophies.

But, all of a sudden and out of nowhere, Covid-19 pandemic struck, dashing hopes, wrecking homes, and crashing dreams and ambitions. All across the country and the world, families lose loved ones while many remain in isolation, out of reach of their families.

“The world has to endure these difficult times and support one another so they can come out stronger post-Covid-19.  But the question remains as to how we are to gain this renewed energy. What the world needs at this vital moment is support from one another – leaning on one another’s shoulders and making the tough journey together to a point of succor,” she said.

According to her, the need to journey together is the reason LifeCard Investment International is offering would-be homeowners the opportunity to own a property at a giveaway price.

“As a brand that understands the challenges in the world, LifeCard Investment, a real estate firm with a strong reputation, is making this amazing offer in partnership with Joseph Yobo, one of Nigeria’s  football personalities,” she explained.

Ibhakhomu, an innovative and energetic entrepreneur, stressed that the company offers result-driven real estate solutions to people, adding that whether such people intend to do this for a good return on investment or acquire it to meet their own needs, the management of the company can deliver these services seamlessly.

According to her, this is what inspired the offer they are making in collaboration with Yobo, who is also their  brand ambassador.

Yobo described the offer as “empowerment opportunity”  that is open to 100 people, stressing that the Yobo brand in partnership with LifeCard believes that owning a home should not be an impossible mission, more so as the partnership wants to help people achieve their homeownership dream.

“We have prepared an empowerment pool fund for 100 people that can set-off ₦500,000 or ₦1,000,000 as an upfront payment for a property they show interest in. This is possible with a down payment of ₦1 million on a house or ₦500, 000  on a landed property he chose to invest in,” he said.

He explained: “All these payments are made from the Joseph Yobo-LifeCard Empowerment Fund. With this, you’ve activated your home-ownership clause with LifeCard Investment International and that automatically means you are a homeowner who just bought a property with an upfront payment done for you from an empowerment fund.”

He described the opportunity as a support offer from LifeCard Investment aimed to help investors achieve their 2020 dream of owning their own homes.

According to Ibhakhomu, LifeCard Investment believes one can still do a lot this year, explaining that a home seeker could move into his own home before the last quarter of this year. “You can make this possible by embracing this amazing offer; so take action,” he advised.


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