• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Yes, you can save money on fuel


The pump price of fuel currently at N97.00 per litter is telling on the bud­get of many people and many homes particularly the small salary earners. To worsen the situation is the long hour’s motor­ists spend on the road be­cause of poor traffic situa­tion, and in the process use more fuel that ought not to have been used. There­fore, many are concerned about the heavy burden of fuel consumption on their budget, and have consid­ered the option of drop­ping their cars for public transport.

But having seen that it’s not a possible solution given that it’s more of a necessity than luxury, the question now is: How can people save fuel on their car?

Experts say this is an interesting topic to ad­dress because people are upset over high fuel pric­es, but they often aren’t willing to do anything to change its effect on their bank account. Fuel is a large monthly cost for my wife and me, but will we stop using it? No. That wouldn’t be a plausible solution. There are, how­ever, some other options to consider, says Petters­en, a financial expert said.

Better fuel mileage

Better yet, no fuel mile­age? New electric cars have hit the market to mixed reviews; some recom­mend them, while others are quick to point out their flaws. There are several is­sues with electric cars, such as a lack of charging sta­tions and the short dura­tion of charges.

Hybrid cars use a com­bination of gas and elec­tricity to power the vehicle. These can save significant amounts of gas, offering a great middle ground al­ternative. One downside is that these cars are expen­sive, and they’ll definitely take some time to pay you back at the pump.

Less driving

Public transportation comes in many forms. There are public buses, BRT Buses, /or subways. These are typically of­fered at a monthly rate and can save you a lot in fuel money. Saving money and not having to drive are some significant advantages. These alter­nate forms of transporta­tion are only offered on a certain schedule, how­ever, so you won’t be able to pick your exact travel times. Biking and walk­ing can save money and are also excellent for your health.

Car pooling

Splitting up driving with coworkers or friends can go a long way. Instead of driv­ing to work every day, why not find a coworker who lives nearby? This would save you half of the fuel it costs to go to work. It’s that easy. Though you’ll sacri­fice some travel time free­dom, it won’t be nearly as much as with public trans­portation.

You don’t have to limit ride shares to work, either; if you’re going to the same place as someone who lives nearby, it’s always more environmentally and fis­cally intelligent to carpool.