On the road without papers


Money is not good to be wasted, not just because it is difficult to come-by, but spent on fine for penalty over what could have been avoided. If you have been a regular road user in Lagos or some other states where the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO’s) or those frightening men and women that stand along the roads wearing white top and black trousers, then you will pray never to enter their hands.

It’s traumatic. They would not only be excited that you have fallen into their hands when they find any of your vehicle papers expired or fake, but would be happy to slam you N20, 000.00 or more for each offence. If your ‘Road Worthiness’  has expired even if  it’s for only three weeks, you will be slammed N20,000.00  for what costs just N2,500.00; and if your insurance is also expired it is another N20,000.00  for a document that should cost just N5,000.00 and if your vehicle license is included it’s another N20,000.00. In all you may be paying N60, 000.00 on fine. That is not all.

Now, if you have been receipted to go and pay into any of their designated banks, you could enter into three banks without any of the banks accepting to collect the money because the account portal is always down.

Now, when your car spends three days at the VIO premises, either EJIBGO office before you are released to go, you will be made to pay N1,000.00 demurrage for each day that passes. There is also another N500, 00.00 for pumping your tyre because it would be deflated as soon as it’s impounded. You will also be required to pay another N500.00 for gate pass.

Now, when you are true with VIO, before you vehicle is released you will be referred to the Lagos State Internal Revenue Services(IFRS) to get a tax clearance. If you are unfortunate to be a private business person or applicant, you will be slammed N20, 000.00 or more for tax, depending on the personality you present. If you look rich, and perceived to have some money you will be charged more.

By the time you are through with them, you would have lost man hours and huge money, which at the end of the day would impact negatively on your personal finance.

Now, if you have made some financial goals this year 2014 and probably has planned to cut expenses and increase savings, then you must avoid fallen into the hands of those men on Black and White.

Ensure that your documents are regularly updated and renewed so that you will always be on the side of the law.

 By:  Modestus Anaesoronye

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