My success secret is being able to take calculated, forward-thinking risks – Jiang Yu

In any business, risk is inevitable. It’s up to you as the owner to calculate how big a risk it is that you are willing to take, and the impact it will bring to your business.

The world is fast changing, and new trends are cropping up by the second; as an entrepreneur, one should take time to research trends that favour their business venture and help them keep ahead of their competitors.

One of the leading private investors globally, Jay Yu, shares his secret to success as a private investor.

Raised on the upper west side of Manhattan NYC, Yu is a private investor providing corporate advisory services, seed capital and business incubation, among others. He helps nurture small up-and-coming businesses by educating them on tactics to survive the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development.

Despite having a rough childhood, Yu – the founder of LunarNYC, a non-profit organization that helps nurture New York kids through sports and education – has risen to the status of a well-known and sought-out authority in the industry.

Growing up, he had to face a lot of racism, and he also did not have a quality education because his family could not afford it. However, this did not hold him down from pursuing his dream and becoming a success.

Investment is a risk, but smart investing means taking calculated risks that help you make bank. According to Yu, when choosing a business venture, choose something you are passionate about, something that you will be excited to wake up and do every morning.

Private investing is not for everyone; success comes to those who find their passion and pursue it. If you get into an industry you’re not passionate about, you’ll eventually end up frustrated and demotivated.

The world today favours forward-thinkers, and Yu prides himself in being innovative, and being able to study trends to see where the market is headed.

According to him, it is important to carve out time for self-development to help you understand more aspects of yourself and the business you’re in.

His secret to success is being able to predict trends before they happen and be a pacesetter.

Yu writes cheques upfront and then works to build the startup. He successfully provides exit strategies to pre-IPO and early-stage investors. His main drive is to see his clients succeed, and he puts his all to make that happen.

Your past should never be a stumbling block in the path to your future success; it should rather be a building block. Find something you are passionate about and put all your effort into achieving your set goal, he counsels.

Risks are inevitable; make calculated moves, and always assess the impact it will bring to your company. Treat risks as learning lessons as they will help you become better and gain more experience.

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