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Why all poor farming results now

Why are differently poor results and low populace engaging in the farming activities? This is all due to the neglect of the Government in promoting and in the development of the Agricultural Sectors, even making and looking at agricultural practices to be attractive and lucrative, in making people go to the farms. Even though the populace are seeing agricultural practices as a difficult task and using poor crude implementation for cultivation and no advanced technology and the poorly distribution channels and the cumbersome in transportations, poorly post harvesting, preservation technology and management practices, with the poor extensions services delivering systems. More of this is the bone of contention’s issues that is mitigating in the development of the Agricultural sectors and resulting in poor farming results.

Enhancement of the livestock sector by addressing animal diseases

It is very important to eradicate the various Animal Diseases, which are ravaging the livestock Units, and Hindering, Production, Marketing, Distribution Systems, even affecting the demands of Farm Labour, Meat distributions in most of the farming communities. The various widespread of an Animal Infectious is being common in the Sheep, Poultry , Cow , Rabbits , Snailery and Goats Productions, presently the prevalence posed, a serious threat to food industries and the various social – economic consequences and affecting the different livelihoods, Security Challenges, with the decreasing of people going to livestock productions.

The various infectious and devastating disease are also noted in small ruminant during the pregnancy periods, production, selling stages, maturity stages, marketing, distribution, transportation’s, growing stages, this issues is farfetched and it is being discussed across the world and its should be everyone life concerns and timely addressing, the solutions and by providing a quality services, by the Veterinary Doctors and the establishment of a Vaccination Center and with the call for the supports of the International charities and humanitarian organisations, to start campaigning for the provision of Vaccination Centers for routine, Animal emergency life responds, quick Interventions systems and funding and supplying of drugs.

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