Osun election: Is this the nature of things to come?

The recent defeat of APC in the Osun State governorship election is, in a way, a rejection of the politics of Bola Ahmed Tinubu by people of Osun State. It is also a repudiation of Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim ticket and it may just be the harbinger of what to expect in February.

Many Nigerians have spoken against the arrogance of Bola Tinubu in selecting another Muslim as his running mate in utter disregard to our diversity and apparent insult to the Christian community. I have written pages of articles, even before the presidential primary, denouncing such all-Muslim ticket.

The huge margin of defeat of APC yesterday (PDP 403,371; APC 375,027) is therefore a strong message of protest and indignation from the huge Christian community in the state to Tinubu and the APC. My projection is that APC faces the risk of defeat in the polls in 2023 because of its haughtiness, parochialism and closed-mindedness.

Many Christians in the country are against the Tinubu-Shetima ticket, and even among some Muslim communities in the North, there are many voters who believe that Tinubu’s choice is damn too insensitive. As I write, virtually every top leadership position in the party and the Buhari administration is occupied by a Muslim male. It is a recipe for disaster.

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Another reason for the APC defeat in Osun, which may play out in the general election, is the adamancy of Osun people in rejecting the Tinubu dynasty, which he had firmly planted in Lagos. Everything in Lagos State belongs to Bola Tinubu.

You cannot hold any position in government without his expressed approval. Be reminded that Governor Oyetola is his cousin who was foisted on Osun people four years ago despite protestations from the citizens.

After four years, Oyetola has not impressed the people. When the minister of interior and past governor of the state, Rauf Aregbesola complained of Oyetola’s high-handedness and pushed for his replacement early this year, Tinubu bared his fangs, pumped in money and ensured that Oyetola was renominated.

Expectedly, Aregbesola and his supporters stayed away in last Saturday’s election. Some even voted for Senator Ademola Adeleke, the PDP candidate. This scene may be replayed on February 25. APC supporters who loathe the all-Muslim ticket and Tinubu’s love for the treasury and bullion vans, may vote for another party.

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