Naira, fuel scarcity: Wind of revolution looms

Nigeria was a peaceful place, as much as South West, the bread of the nation, before the political birth of Akintola.

In those days, all tribes fought endlessly in unison for a common good—freedom from foreigners. But from Akintola to Awolowo and Penkelemesi some unseen hands started ensuing.

AG breakaway, Akintola met his demise, and then, comes the political birth of Tinubu who has been working in silence, while learning from his masters.

Tinubu would have not been in the picture, however, the conflict of interests led him to form his party, turn against Awolowo and AG and yes, we’ve ACN.

From ACN to APC, the party was the northern-dominated party, leading Tinubu to reel out a lot of secrets about the Yorubas to gain their trust.

What cause for disagreement in AG, he eventually got his hands on it in ACN and became the Governor of Lagos State.

During this period, a lot happened and many have been lost in the land of the dead. But with ACN, unseen cabals that have been seeking to start operating in Nigeria were firmly established in collusion with Bola Tinubu.

Together, they continue to drive the affairs of the country, indirectly contributing to the woes of the country, while using Tinubu as an instrument, turning against his blood like Penkelemesi, like Akintola. It was all for a promise—the presidency.

However, after much ado and several market weeks overturn, Bola Tinubu remind them of their promise, expecting to be Muhammadu Buhari’s vice, so that when Buhari is through with his 8 years, the power will be shifted to the west—something, Tinubu has been on the lookout for many years.

Unfortunately, he was denied the opportunity. Bisi Akande’s book Chronicled that it was all because they think ‘Muslim-Muslim’ tickets cannot fly.

So, they sought to use any of the budding sons of Tinubu and out of the three, Osinbajo, Christian, was chosen. This was to appease Bola Tinubu and as well to win the election.

But the promise didn’t end there, the real promise is after eight years, he can also become the president of Nigeria, too. They agreed but the cabals have their ways.

After eight years, Buhari is set to leave the office, things got changed. Tinubu was first betrayed by his purported son and worker, Osinbajo when he declared running for the presidency in the same party.

Bravo! War of Interest, ensued again then between the Yorubas and the cabals only seat to watch the movies. This is what they always love.

Nevertheless, the war was won by Tinubu and based on this, the cabals were gowned with unrest. They knew it, Tinubu will never listen to them. They also knew it, he was a greener snake under the greenest grass. They do not want this but all options have been exhausted except one.

Atiku Abubakar option. That is the only option to bring the power leaving Buhari back to the north. And so, they accented. But many will not know.

Tinubu has continually put his chance of winning and reputation on a tough and serious debate of scepticism.

He was just been proud that this presidency is for him since he has been working on it since he departed from AG and that was what gave birth to Emilokan.

Nigerians don’t love the fact that he sees it as his turn. But those who know the truth know and understood what he was saying.

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The cabals too understood and at his little lapses, they help capitalise on them, to spoil his reputation, take him by the neck and make him suffer not to get to the seat.

But in all they do, they’ve perceived none affect the man. The man wasn’t planning to make anything stop him this time. Not even, the Muslim Muslim ticket of the then, this time, he allowed it to fly at all costs. ‘Ama dibo, Ama wole.’

Owning to some of the words of Tinubu, he was saying them out of frustration from the unseen cabals but he never knew, the more he says such the more he ruin his chance of winning and the more those unseen hands capitalise on it for greedy achiever of their interest.

Now, to affect him further they decided to change naira notes, increase the chance of fuel scarcity and make living hard for the people.

To their belief, when this happens, this party will be seen as an enemy of Nigeria and will never be voted for, while all Nigerians would vote for PDP as one we’ll all see as messiah now.

This has been their plot from the start. Just one cabal controls PDP and APC. Tinubu knew this. Buhari knew this. Atiku knew this. Everyone knew.

This was the game from the start, it was the game in 2015. PDP was projected as bad for people to opt for APC. It is not new.

The truth is, the cabals are at war using Nigerians as a Warfield. Nevertheless, another truth remains that all of them are hitting themselves behind without knowing.

This war will be the end of the cabals. As this extreme frustration is ready to spark a fire for the silent volcanoes of the people. Nigerians are the grasses suffering from the war of cabals but this will never be an issue because we now have sense.

At the height of frustration, our grasses will grow to have wings, through the help of breezes, winds of revolution shall blow, we’ll have an Endsars Promax subtly, and the people’s power shall prevail.

This is the birth of the wind of revolution. Nigerians try, try, and try. It is not your fight but we’ll fight it through our VOTE!

Oyedibu is the publisher of PIJAlance Magazine. He writes from Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

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