Life after Covid-19

I am not certain people will live the same way again around the world. However, we all need to be hopeful and grateful to be here.

A lot of businesses will have to develop products that are essential for the markets. Any business that is not in the need market will lose on the new market share. This new era, innovation is inevitable. If you are not innovating because you lack creativity, then hire a strategy consultant like myself with experience to help look at your business products and mode of operation and delivery. Innovate, disrupt or go home.

Big organisations will invest in digitalisation and good change management. Change management is critical to project success, in any kind scale of industry or organisation, if the change management is not managed well, it will flop. Even as the government tries to implement new laws and systems in place, to help citizens, good communications are a key component of change management. Will share more light another week.

Big data, business analyst, product managers and agile project managers like me will be on high demand as we need real time information on managing projects that are viable. Creating new digital products will be on the rise globally. Most organisations will cut cost on hardware products and invest more on software in managing their businesses.

Having technology experience in any industry will be a great advantage.

Be flexible no matter your age, as you read this, you can take up new courses on, Udemy, Harvard Business School and many other viable online study platforms. To get experience, you can volunteer thrice a week temporarily till you are ready to launch that aspect of your service.

There will be a demand for leaders who have experience in leading during crisis. Also, it is important consultants are also ready to offer trainings and coaching services online, – Like me, I have hosted so many live chats and webinars.

Online business is here to stay. Zoom has been a life saver but there are so many other online meeting platforms like Go To meetings, GO TO Webinars, Conference call App, ETC. Companies like Career will be helping a lot of people get digital work experience so they can get hired here and internationally.

Digital learning has taken a new shape we need to expect new learning devices that are safer for children from technology giants. That’s a fresh market there.

Parenting will be more intentional as some parents are confronted with their children behavioral challenges that parents were not aware of in the past because of their busy schedules.

Nanny trainings will be important as their roles and responsibilities will be different and more demanding, Nannies also will need basic digital trainings if they will assist with setting up devices when parents are also working at home or at work.

Parents need to create healthy balance for their DOMESTIC WORKERS so they don’t breakdown and for a healthy mental health. Most graduates already work as Nannies as they pay some of them fairly. Using my book to stay organised, it will help a lot of Parents- ‘PARENT ORGANIZER’ BY Emem Nwogwugwu

Lastly, the world will recover but we all need time, education, more awareness, patience and love to push through.

Knowledge is the new gold. If your last certificate was many years ago, I am sorry you need to update it. You need to create time to learn new ways to do your work. Digital trainings will be on the rise for most organisations for their employees need to be forced to go digital. Some organisations even government agencies that have been used to analogue. Some organisations will still work from home and some will hire remote workers to cut cost like amazon customer care.  Let’s talk on a global level; AI will take on many jobs. Make sure you look into handling projects using agile/scrum; most industries will manage projects using this method. Its periodic delivery will make it faster and its more economical for bigger organisations.

Churches have been forced to go digital. There might be physical meetings as people feel safe to gather again. Thankful, most churches and non- governmental and governmental organisations have been a source of support during this pandemic,

Leaders will invest in learning and implementing new change management systems and procedures. Strategic business structure will be needed. Agile business analyst and financial consultants will be needed for bigger organisations who know the value of their services.

Mindset Change coaching and mental health coaching will be on the rise as people need to be re- engineered on how to succeed in these times. Working out won’t be seen as luxury, as mental health issues if not managed will be on the rise. Self-care will become a lifestyle for every class in the society. Health is now the new rich. I advise menu planning to maintain a healthy lifestyle; it is highly recommended.

We will win this battle of Covid-19 if we do not give up or give into fear and follow the necessary precautions. Also, cut down on your expenses. Be thankful and grateful and do not forget to say your daily positive affirmations to keep your mind sound. Be kind and remember you are here for a reason. Use your time and energy wisely. Be the solution you seek in the world. Until next week, don’t forget my organisation is here to help you through this time. As a Life Coaching, Training and Consulting company- We understand the need to create tailor-made solutions for our different clients around the world. From Mindset Change coaching, Tailor-made training solutions for your organisation, Project management and strategic planning and implementation management. This and many more services we offer. You can send me an email to book a session. Enjoy your Sunday. Until same day, next week.  You can see most of my work on Instagram via Thank you.



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