Guaranteed UK scholarships and Nigerian students choice of school

For centuries, there has been a storied correlation between attending a top-rated school to gain valuable knowledge and scaling through the increasingly saturated job market. The reasons for this are not implausible. Exposure and access to outstanding curricula and association with high-achieving peers are synonymous with many globally renowned learning institutions and are common boosters of students’ educational and professional standing.

Expectedly, the uncompromising adaptation of quality educational framework and conducive learning environment is making academically acclaimed schools more attractive globally. This is especially because their desire to meet the standards of an increasingly advanced society with an all-encompassing curriculum positions graduates to enjoy an advantage in the modern labour market.

It is therefore not surprising that many students are willing to go to extra lengths to attend schools outside their shores. Every year, millions of students scout for the best schools to attend to bolster their chances of employment and a better life at home and abroad.

In the United Kingdom, which has become a popular study destination for many African students in recent times, for instance, the number of Nigerians studying in the region rose from slightly over 13,000 in the 2019/2020 academic session to over 21,000 in the 2020/2021 session, indicating an almost 64 percent increase within a year according to data from the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency.

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However, identifying and picking the schools with reputations and benefits pose a constant challenge for many students globally, including in the UK. For instance, for students desiring to major in and obtain a degree in business in the locality, choosing a business school that ticks all the right boxes, including affordability, availability of courses, and job prospects, is another headache entirely.

Fortunately, University of Reading’s Henley Business School is one of such UK institutions that checks the right boxes while offering students unparalleled knowledge in various aspects of business and management. A triple-accredited business school established in 1945, Henley Business School commands years of proven track record as a top business school globally through its application of interactive teaching, study projects, and real-world examples for students on its roster.

The institution with more than 84,000 alumni in over 160 countries is able to deliver on its global standard as it boasts internationally renowned, widely published academic experts who demonstrate a relentless commitment to supporting the students through a flexible learning structure. Among the school’s wide range of priority courses available to Master’s Degree students are management, finance, investment management, real estate, and management (international business), all on a highly flexible payment structure.

But beyond boasting affordable and flexible payment structures, Henley Business School offers automatic scholarships worth £5,000 for each self-funded student who enrols for the September 2022 academic session.

With its active alumni network, the school also offers students tremendous growth opportunities to expand their professional reach and foster a permanent connection for extensive learning – through knowledge-based webinars, masterclasses, and workshop-driven challenges – long after they graduate.

When the time to flex their employability prowess arises, whether it’s at home or abroad, it is without question that job applicants with Henley Business School sitting pretty on their resume would have the recruiter’s attention for more reasons than one.

Babatunde, education/communication specialist, writes from Lagos

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