2023 general elections and sustainable development of the Nigerian state

It is no news that the Nigerian state would go through another round of general elections in few weeks. The election is perceived to be the maker or breaker of the Nigerian state owing to the several challenges facing the nation particularly on the prism of insecurity and secession. The citizenry have expressed fears, criticized present and past government alongside their affiliate political parties for their actions and inactions. Particularly, they have displayed their dissatisfaction with the performance of the government of the day. This piece is an attempt at charting a way forward to the established cum identified problem and not the usual lamentation.

It is common knowledge that the Government is saddled with the responsibility of promoting social, economic, cultural and political wellbeing of her constituents. Critically examining current realities on basic points such as economy, security, infrastructure, opportunities and standard of living, the Government at all levels; federal, state and local have struggled to deliver on her responsibilities from the manifestation of the country. This accounts for the constant and ever-present criticism of the Government by the citizen and all interest group. The present day is not the right time to criticize, play blame games and lament about the problem but the time to strategize to arrest the situation by taking a stand capable of alienating the nation’s struggle and securing the future.

What sizeable part of the citizenry does today is to complain about the economic hardship, unemployment, inflation and other issues without taking any step at correcting the identified challenges. Alas, lamentations and complaints would not right the wrongs but precise decisive actions taken against them. The active voices clamoring for change and improvement are yet to pick up their PVCs at designated points across the country a week to the end of the collection exercise. The ones with the PVC are pessimistic about voting as they opine that their votes won’t count because of the perception that the electoral system is already bastardized. Most saddening are the ones who will forget what they have suffered or perhaps endured over the years and vote for the highest bidder on the basis of inducement caring less about the candidate and what the election of such candidate represents.

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It is pertinent to state at this juncture that complaints, nagging particularly social media activism will do nothing to improve the state of the nation but strong-will and sincere collective action from the citizenry. The populace must form and develop a unified outlook demanding and championing the battle to win the country from the forces of backwardness and darkness while setting it on the path of the forces of greatness and progress. The public must exercise their civic responsibility termed as franchise sincerely with utmost clarity of thought to elect a Government capable of addressing the challenges of the country whilst ensuring the sustainable development of the nation.

In Conclusion, this commentary is a clarion call to well-meaning Nigerians and the entirety of the populace to equip themselves with the weapon for the greatness of Nigeria; PVC and set out to the battle field gunning for good governance by electing the candidate who reflects the progress and development we desire for our country. Shun political apathy and participate actively in the forthcoming elections. Your decision in the form of your vote will make or mar Nigeria. Nigeria will live to fulfill her destiny if you take this very seriously.

Adeyeye is a budding educationist studying in Lagos State University.




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