• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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VistaJet mulls expansion in Nigeria, African market

VistaJet renews commitment to West Africa’s economic growth

Amidst a burgeoning aviation market in Africa, Philippe Scalabrini, president of VistaJet for Europe and Africa, shared insights into the company’s expansion plans and the obstacles encountered in navigating the African airspace.

During a recent media briefing tour at Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport on Thursday, Philippe Scalabrini emphasized VistaJet’s dedication to satisfying the rising demand for private air travel in Africa, underscoring the need for improved infrastructure and increased aircraft availability.

Philippe delved into the complexities of navigating Africa’s aviation sector, highlighting challenges such as limited infrastructure and the continent’s vast expanse.

Highlighting VistaJet’s growth trajectory, Philippe revealed, “Just over the past three years, we’ve increased our new customer numbers by 90 percent in Africa.”

He emphasized the company’s commitment to the region, attributing the surge in demand to the availability of assets and increased regional flights.

With demand outpacing traditional aircraft ownership models, Philippe emphasized VistaJet’s role in providing flexible alternatives.

“We are really aligning ourselves to provide alternatives to aircraft ownership,” he stated, highlighting the inefficiency of full ownership for clients with sporadic usage patterns.

With a dedicated focus on West Africa, VistaJet has deployed 5 aircraft to the region, catering to the escalating demand for private air travel.

VistaJet’s recent acquisition of the Bombardier 7500 underlines their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the African market.

This long-range aircraft perfectly addresses the continent’s needs, adding to their existing position as the global leader in Bombardier Global 7500 ownership.

Pinpointing Africa’s preference for the 7500, Philippe emphasized its unmatched performance, with a staggering 69 percent surge in demand for the Global 7500 across Africa, this aircraft stands out for its impressive 16-17 hour range, a capability no other jet currently offers.

This extended range makes the 7500 the perfect solution for bridging long distances within Africa and connecting the continent to the wider world.

Philippe highlighted the aircraft’s speed, range, and efficiency, positioning it as a game-changer in bridging regional connectivity gaps.

Recognizing the importance of seamless global flight connections, Philippe discussed VistaJet’s efforts to bolster connectivity, particularly in Nigeria.

The deployment of assets in strategic locations aims to facilitate business opportunities and strengthen ties between African markets and the global economy.

VistaJet’s innovative business model offers clients a hassle-free alternative to traditional aircraft ownership.

Philippe detailed the company’s membership program, which provides guaranteed services, transparency, and consistent aircraft availability across a diverse fleet spanning six continents.