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Unique Accent Consultancy positions to provide communication solutions

Unique Accent Consultancy Limited, an educational company has carved out a niche for itself in the provision of communication solutions in Nigeria.

From public speaking to diction and language tests for international travel, the company provides opportunities for its clients to master and use communication tools. Fear of public speaking, for instance, has deprived many of a chance to share helpful ideas that could improve society.

While stage fright is natural this could be fixed by fine-tuning the mind and managing emotions.

The company’s Unique Speech Course uses cognitive psychology to help clients in understanding and analysing the audience to foresee their mood and emotions, to evolve the right presentation model and speak to their needs in a manner that is pleasant.

Communication is also at the baseline of business, and being proficient at this is necessary for negotiations and influencing people.

Communication solutions from the stables of Unique Accent Consultancy Ltd include training sessions for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), diction, public speaking, etiquette, poetry, creative writing, book reading, customer services, social polish and voice-overs for adults, corporate organisations and teachers.

It also has an online hub for children with over 600 registered youths from different parts of the world.

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According to Catherine Onyejiaka, a co-founder and lead coach the Consultancy has trained over 6000 individuals from various parts of the world (online and on-site), including top CEOs, bank managers, first ladies, and government officials. Others are corporate organisations, school teachers and children.

“Our Course teaches how to maintain civility and decorum with the customers while upholding necessary professional ethics,” Onyejiaka said. “It strikes a balance among how to manage difficult customers, how to increase their loyalty and how to retain them perpetually with mutual satisfaction and benefits.”

Onyejiaka said corporate organisations can reach the company for training on diction, elocution, public speaking, professional etiquette and customer services. Schools can reach out on behalf of their teachers and individuals who require these services.

Here is the team. Catherine Onyejiaka is a co-founder and lead coach at Unique Accent Consultancy Ltd and Unique Accent Children Hub. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Diction Coaches of Nigeria.

In January 2020, she granted an interview to the BBC Africa where she spoke about the imperatives of teaching Diction in Nigeria. She has a degree in English language as well as a registered member of the John Maxwell Team, Toastmasters International, and the African Women Network (TAWN). She authored ‘The Public Speaking Guide’ and launched has series of online courses on Diction, Public Speaking, and Video Marketing.

Emeka Onyejiaka holds Bachelor of Science in Political Science and English education. He has undergone series of professional courses on diction and effective communication. He has been a diction coach for 10 years and awarded the most creative personality in the education sector by Elitist Magazine in 2018 and has launched a series courses online for diction, public speaking and video making.

He has trained over 4000 persons and dignitaries in diction and public speaking from different parts of the world.

The Consultancy could be reached on Instagram: @unique.accent, Facebook: Unique Accent International, Email: and on

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