Ugwuanyi: His peaceful administration and uncommon governance

Since the inception of the administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, from the stable of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the people of Enugu State have witnessed great peace, freedom, better healthcare delivery, more educational opportunities, infrastructural development, improved rural development, increased involvement of the populace in the decision-making process and in a most simplified phrase; “the assurance of life more abundant for all and sundry.”

Whereas the problems which faced Enugu State before the arrival of this administration were many, Governor Ugwuanyi held out the hope for their solutions and has thus practically doused all fears and the associated tensions.

“Power doesn’t corrupt, what power does is, it magnifies someone’s actual character” …Teal Swan.

The governor’s peace-oriented governance has metamorphosed into a daily mantra for Ndi Enugu.

Considering the questions below, one will be so curious to know this man called ‘Gburus’ and the methodology of his governance.

a. How come nobody is fighting the other unlike before?

b. Which magic did Gburus use to unite all and sundry?

c. How is it possible for Gov. Ugwuanyi to stair his administration for 6 months plus without fighting either his predecessor or anyone else? Or does it mean that nobody has crossed his red line? Seven years down the line, there is still peace in the state.

Of course, it is still the same Enugu! But with a unique leader

The immediate past governor of Enugu State, His Excellency Sullivan Chime is resting comfortably today simply because he handed over the seat of power to a GOOD MAN, in the person of His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu). The wisdom this man called Gburus uses to govern Enugu State is not only unique but rare. So many people have crossed his red line and given him reason to fight but lo and behold, he does the opposite and leaving God and nature to treat them in the way they deserve.

This is practically to tell you that Ugwuanyi is a peace-loving governor. A man who doesn’t want trouble or looks for one no matter what comes his way.

Currently, in Enugu State, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has brought all the political elite and juggernauts together, to work harmoniously with each and every one of them. He has even gone ahead to settle individual differences that people have among themselves.

Taking, for instance, Sen. Chimaroke vs Sen. Ken; Barr. Sullivan vs Chimaroke to mention but a few. These elite and juggernauts weren’t in good terms for a long period until Gburus took the mantle of leadership and things changed. Today, all of them leave peacefully and can interact with one another without any rancor. This is indeed a good reason to believe that true governance exists. Courtesy of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrance Ugwuanyi.

The peaceful administration of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has truly delivered the dividends of democracy to Ndi Enugu.

Below are some of his achievements in the past 6years plus

Security of lives and property: When the ravaging menace of the notorious Fulani herdsman, one of the latest branches of global terrorism phenomenon, reared its ugly head in Enugu State, resulting in the attacks on the precious lives and farms of rural dwellers from Nimbo communities in Uzo Uwani to Awgu Local Government Areas and far into the hinterlands in Enugu East Local Government as well as other rural areas of Enugu State, preventing the rural dwellers from going to their farms for the fear of losing their precious lives to the invading marauders

The Governor quickly arrested the situation by personally visiting the flashpoints to assess the situation by himself and subsequently applying his Solomonic wisdom to arrive at a more lasting solution.

First, He appealed for calmness from the various affected rural dwellers and their stakeholders, urging them not to retaliate.

He quickly expanded the size of the Neighborhood Watch Group with 3,400 able-bodied men in addition to the existing ones.

He sought the assistance of the State Assembly and established the Enugu State Forest Guards, to help in the policing of the various forests and farmlands across Enugu State with an initial take-off size of 1,700 workforce, an average of 100 men for each of the 17 Local Government Areas in Enugu State.

Lately after that, the unknown gunmen (UGM) entered Enugu and started messing about. His Excellency faced them squarely by providing adequate security that went after them, and today the issue of UGM is a story.

This action alone did not only improve and stabilise the security in Enugu State, but it also synergised with other security outfits like the police and the Army to put an end to these cases in the state.

Healthcare delivery: Governor Ugwuanyi demonstrated the highest capacity of statesmanship in leadership during the global outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

In enduring compliance of the lockdown issued by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the governor’s workaholic nature became quite obvious as he visibly shunned the luxury and comfort of the Lion Building to traverse the various border areas in Enugu State along with the relevant health stakeholders and security agents, sometimes under heavy downpours, day and night.

In addition to the above, he established isolation centers and drafted an emergency response team from the State Government Hospitals who worked tirelessly to break the spread of the notorious viral disease.

Due to the hardship occasioned by the pandemic, he was among the first governors to issue palliative care to citizens of the state. “GburusCares…”

Before the above, the governor has renovated all the government hospitals in the 17 Local Government Areas and equipped them with modern facilities and staffing. He has recently created a job mobility window for the Nurses in the various Hospitals for drafting into the state Teaching Hospital. An initiative lauded by experts and policymakers to be a positive inward-looking tool in addressing the problems associated with disguised unemployment,

Lately, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the 10th of September 2020 was reported to have lauded the Enugu State Government ably led by Governor Ugwuanyi for its satisfactory Polio Immunisation Campaigns across the 17 Local Government Areas in Enugu State. The rating and commendation came through the WHO preliminary Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) survey on Polio Immunization Campaign.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) equally recalled that the Enugu State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (ENS-PHCDA) and its Health partners embarked on an Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) and Frictional inactivated Polio Vaccination (FIPV) immunization Campaign to be able to sustain the State Polio Free Status.

This exercise earned the Governor the Title “CHILDREN FRIENDLY GOVERNOR”.

Rural development: The improvement of the Rural Areas initiative of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has transformed many once-rural areas into a brand-new urban center. The construction of the Nsukka Township Stadium, the New Secretariat Annex coupled with the numerous Access Road networks across the length and breadth of the state have created an undeniable global city statue in those areas and its environs.

Whereas the University of Education sited in Ihe, Awgu Local Government, and the Enugu State Polytechnic sited in Ezeagu Local Government Areas have equally bestowed urban city statues on both council Areas respectively.

Furthermore, the new Unity Park, adorned with a giant statue of a Roaring Lion, is also another testament to the Governor’s commitment in the sustainable maintenance of the aesthetic beautiful Outlook of the Enugu City Capital from time to time.

The almost completed ESUT teaching hospital is a big plus that Gov. Ugwuanyi doesn’t joke with the healthiness of his people.

Urban development: Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has constructed so many roads in the rural areas- from Agbani road, Amaechi, Independence Layout, GRA; Emene (Umuchigbo Adoration Ministry), Abakpa axis, to mention but a few. The greatest of them all is the 95percent ultra-modern flyover located at the T-junction Abakpa Nike which will not only reduce traffic in the area but also have it in the history book as the first flyover of its kind in the state.

Inclusiveness: The amiable, workaholic, and dynamic governor cum leadership guru, has introduced a brand-new dimension of “Support Base” from the Youth Constituency of Enugu State politics. This is because, through the instrumentality of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), young and vibrant candidates emerged from the party primaries to contest the local government elections in the state.

Educational opportunities: Ugwuanyi’s administration has built over seven hundred (700+) schools and has equally renovated more than four hundred and eighty (480+) primary schools. The schools have been equipped with modern desks and chairs (Ekulu Primary School as a reference point). He has also improved Educational Opportunities by granting scholarships to over two thousand (2000+) indigent students across the length and breadth of Enugu State. He also built Tech-Hub for the youths of Enugu State.

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Agriculture: The administration of Gburugburu has attracted a massive grant to the teeming women and Youths of Enugu State which was termed ‘WOMEN AND YOUTHS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME’ (WYEP). Under the World Bank Agricultural Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Support (APPEALS) project.

In addition to the above, the governor has lately, distributed brand new ploughing tractors to the 17 Local Government Areas to augment the existing ones in order to boost farming output.

He has unconsciously developed a leadership methodology through his style of governance which should be taught in schools as ‘a Model of good governance’ for upcoming leaders. Gburus and his peaceful administration is indeed, a reason to believe that true governance exists.

Job creation: Governor Ugwuanyi has created and given a lot of jobs to many people in Enugu State through appointments, Civil Service jobs, Youth empowerment, Tech-Hub, Scholarships, and others. Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s mode of empowerment has indeed fetched him a name called ‘A Human Capital Developer.’ Gburus rich wealth of job creation is very amazing, unique, and extraordinary. He is the only governor in the whole federation that has empowered the highest number of people in his administration. So far, his magnanimity is unmatched and his generosity is vast and heartwarming. Being a faithful leader, he loves his people so much and always thinks of their well-being. “Gburugburu is a good man.”

Enugu State is in the hands of God!

…Rt. Hon. Awalu writes from Enugu State