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Towntalk’s ‘Pulse’ boosts security risk managment

Towntalk, a data intelligence company is set to launch Pulse, a tool that will help Nigerian businesses mitigate security challenges by providing insight into possible risks and how they can be addressed.

The Pulse tool is an intelligent technology that constantly monitors threat levels to take real-time decisive actions for businesses using alerts, reports, and mapping. It also provides advanced analytics to understand the immediate needs of businesses and deploys appropriate responses from its toolkit.

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The product launch is scheduled to hold on Wednesday 6th of October 2021 from 11 am to 12:30 pm via zoom and is themed bridging the information gap: proactive security risk management in Nigeria. Present at the event will be Frank Aigbogun, Chairman, BusinessDay who will deliver the keynote address.

Other speakers expected include David Folawiyo, Deputy Inspector-General, Nigeria Police Force, Tanwa Ashiru, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bulwark Intelligence solutions and Disun Vera-Cruz COO of Towntalk, with BusinessDay’s editor, Tayo Fagbule as the moderator.

According to Towntalk, insecurity is a challenge that has adversely affected economic growth and businesses. In addition to this, recent happenings like the COVID-19 pandemic, the spread of misinformation, and the heightened risk profiles of otherwise low-risk areas have made it more difficult for organisations to prioritise threat response amid stretched resources.

Hence this has prompted the need to develop resources and tools leveraging technology that will help address security threats in the business community and provide information on risk levels across the country.

The company also states that businesses are now compelled to adapt to sudden changes more frequently and cost-effectively than ever; often without the necessary information to achieve their objective. Therefore, easy access to verifiable information and proactive solutions has become more important to help businesses stay ahead of impending risks.

Towntalk builds intelligent technology using “hard to collect” local data, captured in real-time. The company’s localized solutions deliver real-time insights to support proactive risk mitigation.

Data from Towntalk reveals that areas like Abuja and Adamawa in Nigeria are regarded as medium risk with a pulse rate of 6.7 and 6.6 respectively, while Abia has a pulse level of 5.2 out of 10 points.

Beyond the product launch, discussions at the webinar will focus on how insecurity thrives due to a lack of information and how this can be addressed going forward. Interested participants can register for the program using the link;

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