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Tolu Adesanmi, MD of Dubaiafrika tourism becomes ECOWAS youth ambassador

The Office of the President, West Africa Youth Council, Conseil Des Jeunes D’Afrique De L’iquest, Cape Verde have appointed the CEO of DubaiAfrika, Amb. (Dr.) Tolu Adesanmi, as confirmed under the board of the West African (ECOWAS) Youth Council as the West Africa (ECOWAS) Youth Ambassador.

The appointment is connected with the identified laudable antecedents of dedication, hard work, and diligence that Amb. (Dr.) Tolu Adesanmi has proven in service to humanity and the commendable works as an advocate and relentless crusader of promoting entrepreneurship for African youths.

Dated 18th October 2021, the appointment letter presents this news as it’s accompanied with all the necessary documents attached to the diplomatic mission, including a diplomatic ECOWAS ID card,ECOWAS Certificate, Appointment Letter and a specialized automobile plate number to foster ease of the Ambassador’s movements across the ECOWAS region.

Amb (Dr.) Tolu Adesanmi is a Luxury Tourism and Lifestyle Entrepreneur with over 15 years of combined experience in the Gulf and African tourism and entertainment industry. He brings creative approach to ensure the viability of the multi-billion-naira industry. He’s so industrious at his job that he’s considered the “King Of Luxury Tourism ” in Nigeria. He has the expertise to creatively craft systems and build any tourism niche from the ground up, and turn a failing one into a flourishing and healthy business.

As the MD/Founder of DubaiAfrika Luxury Tourism, he’s successfully nourishing his insatiable passion by revolutionizing the Nigerian tourism space. He has implemented various thought-leader research that has driven investments in emerging markets and international tourism. As he’s work with notable celebrities in the Sport and Entertainment industry. is Nigeria ‘s first Luxury Tourism company providing premium presidential packages to various exotic destinations around the world. Their client base includes high networth individuals from all walks of life.

WAYC as a regional youth organization, WAYC set goals for itself such as integrating youth and student movements for the continent’s overall socioeconomic development and pan-Africanism. It achieves these by defending students’ and youths’ rights, improving equity, democratization, and equal access to education at all levels, and fostering academic freedom, freedom of research, the autonomy of higher education institutions, and the promotion of democratic culture among its members. And as the powers and voices of the continent fade, it’s working earnestly to support the rising powers and voices as yet to be known and promotes dreams gravitating towards African youths beyond their boundaries of habitation.

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