There is no poilitical platform that can save Nigeria – Ezebuiro

Chinedum Ezebuiro is a historian and politician who once contested the presidency on the platform of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 1992/1993. He has since relocated to Germany. He spoke to some journalists on the state of the nation, what he thinks is the problem of Nigeria, and how the country can be delivered from bad goverance, poverty, inscurity and hunger. ZEBULON AGOMUO brings the excerpts:

Why is it that for a very long time now you appear silent politically? Since 1992/1993 when you ran for the office of president of this country under the Social Democratic party (SDP), nobody is hearing about you again in the political arena?

But I have been talking on issues around the politics in our country and have been sending you a lot of information on several other issues concerning our country. So, I think I have not been silent politically and on issues concernig Nigeria.

What is your assessment of the political situation in the country?

Well, as I have always told you for many many years the issue is that no human being on his or her own can solve or can take up Nigeria and lead Nigeria into her Promised Land. No human being can do that, its only God that can solve Nigeria’s huge problems only God can take care of Nigeria and take Nigeria to the Promise Land, And the person God has chosen to do so is me, Chinedu Ezebuiro and that I am the only one who can do it, and as I speak to you, you should know it that for a long time I have the calling of God upon my life for this assignment and that is why he brought me to Germany for my perfection and safety and the perfection is also over and I am waiting for the call to return back to Nigeria and also I have always told you that votes will never work in Nigeria because the vast majority of the masses which constitutes the majority of the population of Nigerians almost all of them have been made very poor and hungry and easylly exploited by the the wickedly rich and corrupt few. And so, there is no way we can see a Nigerian that can do everybody good from the boat.

You have repeatedly said it is only God that can redeem Nigeria and resolve the leadership problem in the country?

Yes, it’s only God. It’s only God that has the solution to do that and the only man or woman he has empowered to serve him for that restoration and the delievance of Nigeria, and fortunately, I am the man.

But you did not indicate your interest to run for the presidency come 2023; why?

I have been writng and I sent out a lot of information in write ups, videos in Youtubes to fellow Nigerians and those messeges were very clear and that the man of the moment is me.

So, on which political platform are you going to run so as to restore and redeem Nigeria, Nigerians from slavery, political bondage and poverty?

There is no political platform that can save Nigeria because they are all corrupt and the people that have the money are the people who are controlling the masses that are expected to vote, so it is only God’s intervention in Nigeria and the way and manner he is going to do it is what we don’t know and only that God’s way will come at last.

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For now, there are three major candidates in the race to be the president of Nigeria come 2023, in the persons of Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic (PDP), Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress(APC), and Peter Obi of the Labour Party. What is your take on these three candidates?

I told you over and over again there is not one human being no matter how intelligent, no matter how wise of his or her own that can solve the problem of Nigeria, that can build up a Nigeria nation; in fact at the moment we don’t even have a Nigeria nation. So, all these people you have just mentioned, none of them qualifies.

What is your reaction to the security challenges facing the country?

That is why I told you expect God’s intervention; there is nobody in Nigeria that can solve the problem. Look at what happened at the Catholic Church in Ondo State and Kuje Correctional Centre. In Owo, Ondo State at Saint Francis Catholic Church worshipers were slaughtered like animals. It is painful and frightening which is inimical to the wishes of every free-minded and Godly people world over. It is completely disheartening that while some people are clamouring for development and progress for the people and the country as a whole, some are taking to terror and killing fellow human beings with no cause whatoever. There is need for reinvigoration of security network across the country for an improved security system which will ensure safety of lives and property of Nigerians anywhere they reside. And I tell you that it is only the Lord God Almighty, the Supreme and rightous Judge who is the infallibe and majestic pleader of the cause of the poor, needy, oppressed and the blood of the innocent cannot continue to be silent concerning Nigeria.

By what means do you think God will do it for Nigeria?

Its only God; when God has his own man that he has equiped and that he will back up you will see the things you have never seen before in Nigeria happening. And the God I am talking about is the God of signs and wonders. The God of miracles and you will see him rule over Nigeria by the hand of the man he has chosen and all troubles in Nigeria you see them no more

What is your take on Nigeria’s political situation?

The Nigeria’s political situation is in a very dangerous state, and every other aspect of our lives. It is only the grace of God that can save us, and only his grace is saving and sustaining us in this country. And let me tell you this, if not for the grace of God Nigeria would have broken into pieces a long time ago

Finally what is your message to Nigerians as 2023 draws closer?

Well, you have heard all I said I have never mentioned 2023 here and the most respected servant of God, Pastor Enoch Adebeoye has said that there may be no 2023 election; so, I never used 2023 in all I have been saying since last year because God has not shown me 2023.